Efficient field team piloting

Gain complete visibility of the quality of work in the field to improve your workflow.

You don’t know how your teams perform in the field, and this is even more the case if you rely on subcontracting. The lack of access to reliable data on the quality of work delivered and the causes of operational failures prevents you from having complete visibility and, therefore, from being proactive in implementing measures to improve your workflows.

A field technician performing maintenance on an equipment

Leverage aggregated data on field team performance to make informed decisions.

Deepomatic provides you with new Business Intelligence data on your operations at the right level of granularity so that you can monitor your key indicators on a day-to-day basis.
Based on information such as operations compliance, photo reports, or the invalidity rate of business gestures, you can implement corrective measures such as localized training plans, make trade-offs, and finally, and define solutions with your partners to improve your performance indicators.


Access operational data easily


Make decisions based on key indicators


Quickly identify priorities for your improvement plans


Increase the First-Time-Right rate of all your operations

Unit-T’s success story

Dashboards for back-office teams.

Our dashboards for back-office teams provide total visibility of operations and field team performance. We provide new Business Intelligence data on your operations at the right level of granularity.

→ You need data to improve and implement the proper corrective measures.

→ Be more competent in managing your operations.

→ Make better decisions and trade-offs.

Deepomatic Intelligence Center showing graphs about field operations performances

Deliver quality without
compromising productivity