Mobile networks

Accelerate the deployment of your mobile networks

Through computer vision, Deepomatic enhances the accuracy of inventory for your sites, ensures the quality of documentation for work on your mobile telephony infrastructures, and ensures compliance with the work carried out during each operation.

mobile network antenna

Control visual data on mobile network sites with AI to:

Ensure the reliability of your inventories

  • Forget about rework due to outdated inventories
  • Align your IT data with what is on the ground

Improve the quality of intervention documentation

  • Forget about missing photos; intervention reports are now comprehensive
  • Forget about blurry, poorly framed, or irrelevant photos

Reduce quality control costs

  • 100% of interventions are verified live and automatically
  • Reserve expert verification for the most complex cases

Accelerate the pace

  • Automate work validation based on reliable proof of work
  • Deliver your sites more quickly
Photos of equipment on 5G antenna with checkpoints verified by Deepomatic

Automate Quality. Accelerate Growth.