EV Charging Stations Deployment

Ensure rapid, high-quality deployment of EV charging infrastructures

Ensuring a rapid and high-quality electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment is crucial for accelerating the transition to a more environmentally friendly society. Choose Deepomatic's computer vision platform to assist you in monitoring and validating your electric charging station installation projects.

Electric vehicle charger installation: Technician connecting charger to homeowner's power supply

Challenges in the Deployment of Electric Charging Stations


Deployment Monitoring

→ Manual process for monitoring the deployment of charging stations

→ Photos and reporting forms are manually verified or left unprocessed due to a lack of time and resources

→ Incompleteness and poor quality of documentation for the charging installations


Installation Safety

→ There is no guarantee that technicians are performing the correct procedures to connect the station to the electrical network


Installation Quality

→ In this still-emerging market, technicians lack guidance for achieving success in installations on the first visit


Deployment Pace

→ Ambitious growth targets to convert individuals to electric mobility

→ Schedules established by each state impose an intense pace to deploy public stations, leaving no room for delays caused by re-interventions

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Get more details on the operational challenges that operators face in the deployment of the electric charging infrastructure

6 white EV chargers in a parking slot

Charging Point Operators, get it right!

Controlled OPEX

  • Reduction of resources dedicated to quality control
  • Reduced after-sales service costs thanks to compliant and functional installations

Compliance and Safety of Installations

  • Guarantee that the signage of charging stations complies with established standards.
  • Guarantee that electrical connections are compliant thanks to AI

Accelerating the Commissioning of Stations

  • Through the automation of monitoring and acceptance of public projects
  • Comprehensive and usable documentation, centralized and accessible by various stakeholders in the deployment
  • Acceleration of revenue access

Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality compliance of private installations, ensuring good customer relations and a positive brand image for the operator.

Contractors, get it right!

Controlled OPEX

  • Reduction of resources dedicated to quality control
  • Reduce the number of revisits

Field Team Productivity

  • Workers are guided in real-time and improve their skills on the job thanks to AI.

Compliance and Safety of Installations

  • Provide evidence that demonstrates installations adhered to operators' standards.

Deliver quality without compromising productivity