We measure our success by the quality of our impact on people & the planet

Our mission is to put quality back at the heart of field operations and help companies make the most of their workforce. We strongly believe that this promise can only be delivered if it takes into account environmental and social considerations for our ecosystem.

Deepomatic Commitments Icon 2023

Our commitments for the planet

276t. eq CO2

This is the amount of tons of equivalent CO2 that was emitted by Deepomatic in 2022


As our clients roll out their infrastructure with quality and speed, we contribute to increasing the lifespan of equipment and thus reducing resource consumption.

Rapid deployment

Our clients get the job done right the first time and therefore don't have to drive back to multiple sites to re-intervene.

Essential infrastructure

By focusing on infrastructure that will be needed in the future, we help to build tomorrow's world in a sustainable way.

Our latest news on social responsibility

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You'd like to benefit from our platform for a project with a high environmental impact? Or simply want to find out more about our CSR policy?