Smart meter installation

Accelerate the energy transition and switch to smart meters

Deepomatic supports energy network operators in replacing older-generation electricity, gas and water meters with smart meters.

Unit-T field worker installing a utility smart meter

The main challenges holding you back

Smart meter installations are not always properly documented, and only a small proportion of operations are checked manually via on-site or back-office audits. Installation faults often go unnoticed and can lead to costly repeat visits.


Obtaining complete reporting of your smart meter deployment

  • Manual reporting is tedious and not always accurate
  • Photos are not always required, and when they are, their quality is questionable
  • When photos are mandatory, they are unexploited.

Applying quality standards at scale

  • Audit of operations through sampling
  • Defects are reported too late and create end-cust frustration

Controlling OPEX

Success story

Unit-T field technician using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Systems for Smart Meter Installation
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Unit-T & Deepomatic: Digitizing Field Operations in Energy Sector

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Distribution system operators, get it right !

Ensure timely deployment of meters

Guarantee the quality and safety of meter installation

Use reliable field data to arbitrate in the event of anomalies

  • Reduced customer service calls
  • Reduced end-customer churn rate

Contractors, get it right !

Avoid repeat visits

  • Save OPEX by reducing the number of revisits
  • Allocate the time saved to other field works and increase your revenues

Reduce quality-related costs

  • Reduced resources dedicated to quality control
  • Reduced penalties due to poor quality of service

Help field staff acquire skills as operations progress

  • Field workers improve their gestures and develop good reflexes

Automate Quality. Accelerate Growth.