Scale your operations with First Time Right automation

Turn every field operation into a success thanks to Computer Vision. Prevent quality problems by automatically analyzing images taken by field workers and get real-time feedback from the AI while they are still on-site. Get unprecedented visibility over what happens in the field to automate your back-office processes.

Field technician and back office manager collaborating remotely, illustrating modern work dynamics

Control automatically photo & job conformity

Our Computer Vision algorithms check specific control points on photos taken by the field worker using their phone, before and after the work has been done. Through the AI-based mobile interface, they receive instant feedback on what has been done right or wrong and get to fix any problem before they leave. Quality and authenticity of these photos are also checked instantly, ensuring completeness of the photo documentation.


Extract visual information from documents and screenshots

Automatically extract information from non-structured documents: make sure field paperwork is complete and connect un-connected digital systems thanks to screenshot information extraction, to eliminate time-consuming back-office work.


Monitor the physical status of equipments

Thanks to the analysis of photos during successive operations, get an objective and complete view of the evolution of the physical status of every equipment. Thanks to the Deepomatic asset health score, trigger maintenance operations where and when they are needed.

20 000+

field workers use Deepomatic on a daily basis


field operations analyzed every year

<2 sec

for photo analysis


Mobile experience

Equip your field workers with best in class human-AI interface

The ultimate AI experience for field workers, to accompany them during their work and ensure they get it right the first time. The mobile interface guides them towards qualitative photo taking, and enables them to auto-control their work thanks to instant AI feedback. The experience focuses on fluidity and usability. Automated data collection removes the hurdle of manual reporting.

Deepomatic mobile application showing quality control results

Intelligence Center

Search and visualize millions of operations

All operations analyzed through Deepomatic can be explored by back-office teams. This allows them to visualize pictures and the associated AI analysis in case of any future problem. Performance indicators allow to have real-time visibility at scale on all the operations, the level of quality compliance across their contractors, and the overall state of the infrastructure.

Deepomatic Intelligence Center with graphs showing field operations performances

AI Factory

Train your custom state-of-the-art AI

Train the AI on your own quality controls and equipment, and combine custom models with the best off the shelf algorithms such as specialized OCR or LLMs to solve your specific business problem. Reach the highest precision thanks to 10 years of R&D, our unique technology and expertise.

Deepomatic AI engine showing AI performance evolution

At-scale deployment

Scale to millions of operations seamlessly

Whatever your use-case and your scale, Deepomatic has got you covered. Whether you need to control hundreds of millions of images a year or to perform high-intensity batch processing, our infrastructure scales with your needs.

Deepomatic deployment center


Integrate easily within your existing enterprise software ecosystem

Easy integration Deepomatic icon 2023

Easily connect your IT system (FSM, GIS, ERP, BI) to the Deepomatic platform through REST APIs and automation. Get the raw field data (photos, documents, etc.) and the corresponding AI analysis results back into your IT system through API or Google BigQuery connectors.


Integrate our human-AI experience into your existing field software suite

Human-AI experience Deepomatic icon 2023

Supercharge your existing app with a seamless AI / user experience and avoid the use of multiple tools for your field teams to accelerate their adoption of the software.


Leverage off-the-shelf connectors with our growing ecosystem of software partners

Off-the-shelf connectors Deepomatic icon 2023

Accelerate your time-to-value by leveraging existing off-the-shelf integrations and benefit from proven solutions.

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