Smart operation planning

Leverage data from past operations to ensure the success of future ones.

Successful operations are not just the domain of field employees. Field ops managers have an important role to play if they exploit the data provided by AI.

A person using a computer to create smart operation planning thanks to AI based data

With Deepomatic, field operations managers are better informed about the working environment in which they send their field teams.

The data obtained directly from the field may come from previous operations or from the end customer where an operation is to be planned.

  • Field teams are equipped to intervene on the equipment in question.
  • Field ops managers dispatch field teams with the right level of expertise according to the type of equipment or level of deterioration.
  • Field employees are dispatched using inventory data when the equipment's capacity allows them to operate on it.
  • Prior to an intervention on site, the final customer takes photos, which are used to prepare the intervention of a field worker and ensure that it will be efficient (type of equipment present on site, working environment, etc.).

Increase First-Time-Right operations

Managers give field teams the means to succeed


Avoid unnecessary site visits and associated costs

Thanks to a good knowledge of your equipment


Reduce operation over-billing

Thanks to preliminary photos of the end customer, the field ops manager can plan an operation whose invoicing will be adapted to the nature of the work delivered

Dashboards for field ops managers

Our dashboards centralize data on the progress of operations and the environments in which they take place. This enables field operations managers to identify the causes of unsuccessful operations, to understand which equipment or working tasks are the most problematic, or to consult photos taken by the end-user before an intervention in his or her home.

  • Avoid unnecessary or ill-prepared trips (which lead to repeat visits).
  • Efficiently plan field visits.
Deepomatic's Computer Vision Platform dashboard showing four different ongoing tasks

Deliver quality without
compromising productivity