Real-time quality control

Empower your teams to leave the field with a clear mind, knowing that the job has been done right.

Today's field tools may help to better plan operations, but they have yet to address a fundamental problem: helping workers to do the job right the first time.

  • Avoiding mistakes.
  • Avoiding oversights.

Yet these anomalies prevent equipment and infrastructure from functioning properly. Companies have to plan for re-interventions and suffer complaints from their clients whose experience has deteriorated.

A field technician performing maintenance on an equipment

With Deepomatic, field workers are no longer left to their own devices. They're equipped with mobile software that helps them do their job correctly.

Computer vision algorithms analyze field photos and systematically check each operation. Workers receive instant feedback, enabling them to correct any anomalies detected before leaving the site.


Accelerated time-to-revenue

  • Subcontractors are paid from the very first intervention
  • Operators deliver their services faster to end-users

Lower costs

  • Fewer re-interventions
  • Lower quality control and back office costs
  • Reduced costs linked to equipment damage
  • Greater customer experience

Customer loyalty

  • Better quality of service for companies and end customers
  • Compliance with quality and safety standards
  • More autonomy for field workers
Telefonica’s success story

Mobile app

Deepomatic's mobile app enables field workers to capture before-and-after photos of their work. Our AI tells them in a matter of seconds whether their actions have been carried out correctly.

  • Avoid leaving defects uncorrected, leading to rework.
  • Put quality control back at the heart of every operation to ensure its success.
A phone with Deepomatic's Computer Vision platform showing an anomalie in a fiber optic checkpoint

Deliver quality without
compromising productivity