Fiber construction

Getting it right all the way from network construction to handover

Deepomatic assists you at every stage of the construction of your fiber network, from civil engineering works, to the installation and handover of underground or aerial equipment. We automate the validation of your field documentation (build complete, PIA reports, etc.) and verify the work done by field operation workers who build fiber networks.

Fiber cables near a trench on a construction site

Control visual data in the field with AI to:

Scale your operations while controlling quality compliance costs

  • Verify 100% of operations automatically to gain time
  • Only involve quality control managers on the most problematic cases

Reach your construction and deployment deadlines

  • Say goodbye to errors causing revisits and delays
  • Accelerate equipment hand-over
  • Generate revenues more rapidly

Make field reporting more reliable

  • Be sure each work is documented and As-Built reports are complete
  • Reduce penalties due to poor documentation
  • Make your billing/payment system more reliable on the basis of good work completion

Build an efficient fiber network

  • Deploy an efficient and robust infrastructure
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
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Control Point Examples

ODF  Cassette Patching


Cassette Patching

Power Meter  Data Validation

Power Meter

Data Validation

Trench  Depth Conformity


Depth Conformity

Pole Marking

Pole Marking

First Time Right Automation for UK Altnets

Discover how UK Altnets can leverage FTR Automation to accelerate Build Acceptance and improve the quality of PIA reports.

Technician working on a fibre distribution box on a pole

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