Back-office process automation

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming, and costly back-office processes.

Whether it's post-operation acceptance of field teams' work or accounting processes for payment and invoicing, back-office processes are still too manual, time-consuming, and costly. Accessing proof of work is challenging, slows overall planning, and adds to the administrative burden.

Technician inspecting FTTH gear, ensuring network reliability during maintenance

Deepomatic provides field data as a foundation for automating back-office processes.

  • By guaranteeing the reliability of photos documenting field operations and serving as proof of work.
  • By automatically validating the work of field teams.

Easy, reliable invoicing

Payment is made when the work has been validated, and therefore done properly. No more billing discrepancies or over-billing.


Better cash management

No advance payment until work is validated.


Greater transparency

Establish a climate of trust between stakeholders.

Bouygues Telecom’s success story

AI engine for process automation.

Our deep learning algorithms are trained to verify the presence of elements in photos, or the correct positioning of elements. This indicates that the right action has been taken.

  • Avoid costly and inefficient manual processes.
  • AI becomes the neutral party in the field, validating the work and proving it has been carried out correctly.
Dashboard on Deepomatic's Computer Vision platform showing a team's performance over the months

Deliver quality without
compromising productivity