Agritech for smart farmers – How computer vision is transforming the agri-food sector

Few people know that farmers are the most connected socio-professional category. And yet! Agritech – which combines digital technology and agriculture – is booming in France and around the world. This is an opportunity for AI companies to use their advanced technology to support sustainable and profitable agriculture. According to Xavier Besseyre des Horts (sales […]

Revaluing our waste through Artificial Intelligence

A new deal in the global recycling market About 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide each year, and a large part of this waste is produced in the West and sent to Southeast Asia. But receiving countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia or Thailand do not have the capacity to sort this plastic […]

Applications of AI in the pharmaceutical industry

There are several applications of AI in the pharmaceutical industry: optimization of production lines, lab expertiments, and safety. Last week, Sanofi announced they plan to invest €60 million in new digital technologies by the end of 2021. Their goal is to adapt and modernize their entire global industrial network, including 75 plants around the world. […]

Benefits of AI in the public transport industry

This article presents five concrete use cases of AI applications in the public transport industry and illustrates how this sector can benefit from them. Europe is at the forefront of developing AI in transport and in the creation of autonomous transport. In October, in France, RATP announced an innovative application. The company decided to launch […]

Smart cameras and intelligent video surveillance

Smart cameras defined Smart cameras are cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). More precisely, image recognition and, by extension, video recognition are the core AI technologies behind smart cameras. Intelligent cameras capture video streams and extract meaningful information from them. In addition, they can “understand” and describe events to facilitate or automate decision-making.  Smart cameras […]

Video recognition in the construction industry

Video recognition in construction can improve the safety, security and operational excellence of the companies in the industry. AI is revolutionizing the business world. Video recognition technologies in particular are already proving their worth in many industries. They are also becoming increasingly important in areas that are less cited for innovativeness, yet that are just […]

AI can accelerate the ecological transition

How can we better manage the risk of natural disasters? In the aftermath of the floods in southern France that killed 11 people and seriously damaged the Aude department, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced his intention to implement an “accelerated natural disaster procedure”. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be the solution to many environmental problems, which […]

AI in transport: an illustration of a lasting European power

Europe is capitalizing on its lasting know-how in transport. Discover the state of AI in the transport industry in Europe and the United States. AI and transport in Europe At the end of September, the world’s first autonomous tram, developed by Siemens, traveled safely through Potsdam, Germany. Equipped with intelligent cameras and video recognition technologies, […]

The value of intelligent video surveillance

In France, in both public and private spaces, video surveillance cameras protect citizens and prevent crime. The latest estimates indicate the presence of 935,000 cameras in France, mainly used in companies and stores. For public places, the figure is about 70,000 (1). These cameras are underused and lack the staff to interpret their information. Often, […]

AI and automatic cash registers: end of queuing?

Thanks to AI and image recognition automatic cash registers can eliminate queues in stores and create a new, seamless customer journey. Everyone has experienced the pain of queuing for hours in a shop. Waiting in line at the cash register reduces customer satisfaction because it slows the purchasing process. However, it is often impossible to […]