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SFR Leverages Deepomatic's Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Quality of its Fiber Optic Network

SFR (Altice France) makes Artificial Intelligence performance tangible by leveraging Deepomatic's solution to optimize connections on its Fiber network through instant analysis of interventions on cabinets and access points.

With 37.8 million marketable outlets (FTTH+FTTB) as of the end of April 2024, including 323,000 new outlets added in the month, SFR continues to bring Fiber to all regions. In this context of increasing Fiber connections, SFR has partnered with Deepomatic to ensure the compliance and reliability of operations performed by technicians and commercial operators.

The implementation of a computer vision AI module improves and accelerates this work, thus enhancing the efficiency of connections and deployment. The solution analyzes the quality of each photo taken by technicians in real-time and verifies the compliance of actions through predefined checkpoints. Real-time reporting validates the current step or signals a possible anomaly, which is immediately addressed to meet the established standard. This results in more than 5 million photos being analyzed each month.

Applying high-quality standards across the entire network and all operators is made possible thanks to AI, resulting in fewer connection and intervention failures and increasing audit reliability.

« In all its activities, SFR seeks to harness the best of AI to support the expertise of its teams and improve customer service daily. In our partnership with Deepomatic, this translates into leveraging the full power of visual AI so that technicians can work efficiently on our infrastructure and ultimately ensure an optimal experience for subscribers. »
Mathieu Cocq, CEO of SFR

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About SFR

SFR is the second largest telecom operator in France, serving over 27 million individual, business, community, and operator customers. With a network of over 37.8 million fiber outlets, SFR was the first operator to launch 3G, 4G, and then 5G in France. Today, it covers 99.9% of the population with 4G and 76% with 5G. Named Customer Service of the Year 2024 (ESCDA), SFR generated nearly 11 billion euros in revenue in 2023. SFR is a subsidiary of Altice France.

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