Vodafone Spain and Deepomatic: Artificial Intelligence for Accurate Fiber Connection Documentation and Billing

Spain, a leader in fiber-to-the-home coverage with more than 15.6 million lines, is experiencing rapid growth in new subscriber connections. Vodafone Spain needed a solution to ensure accurate documentation and billing during fiber installation.

Vodafone Spain required a way to systematically verify that the fiber cable used during installation matched the information recorded in the Field Service Management (FSM) application. Data accuracy is crucial for reliable billing, especially when differentiating new connections (which imply higher billing for the operator) from network changes.

After conducting a 4-week proof of concept (POC) using the Deepomatic First Time Right Automation platform, Vodafone Spain decided to fully implement the solution in its fiber connection operations.

Fiber optic cables

Before Deepomatic

No quality control

  • Technicians were not required to take photos and simply indicated the operator's name in the FSM application, without the need to provide proof.
  • This posed a risk of discrepancies in billing.

With Deepomatic

Vodafone implemented an efficient and cost-effective quality control process

  • Technicians capture photos of the connection cable using the Deepomatic mobile app.
  • The platform then performs real-time checks: it verifies the presence of the connection cable in the photo, reads the operator's name on the cable, and checks the information against the FSM application data.
  • Technicians receive immediate feedback. In case of discrepancies, they must correct the information in the FSM application.
Deepomatic's mobile app showing AI quality control on the new fiber optic cable


Rapid effects

The computer vision solution was implemented in the field in just 2 weeks, with a progressive rollout of the platform's capabilities over the following weeks. Vodafone Spain was able to measure the first benefits of the Deepomatic solution after 3 months

Cost reduction

There has been a significant increase in the percentage of reused connections versus new connections reported, leading to a 20% reduction in unit installation costs.

Reliable billing

The new AI quality control system enabled adjustments in billing with other operators regarding the reuse of their connections.

The project with Deepomatic is fully aligned with our operational strategy to improve field operations efficiency. We are convinced that applying AI to our fiber operations will help us improve our efficiency and contribute to the reduction of installation costs.

Jorge GatoHO, Field ServiceVodafone Spain

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