CityFibre x Deepomatic: Scaling quality in fibre optic operations

In the race to provide top-notch fibre optic services to millions of homes across the UK, CityFibre, the country's largest independent full fibre platform, faced a key challenge: ensuring impeccable quality across all operations. With ambitions to serve a third of the UK, CityFibre recognized the critical importance of adhering to its ‘Better by Design’ approach, which demanded nothing short of excellence in every fibre optic installation.

CityFibre's quest for excellence led them to Deepomatic, the pioneering force in First Time Right Automation. CityFibre and Deepomatic embarked on a journey to redefine the standards of quality and efficiency in operations carried out to build fibre exchanges (micro-edge data centers). Indeed, CityFibre needed to guarantee that the job done by its field engineers on OLTs (optical line termination) and ODF (optical distribution frame) was compliant and well documented.

White Fibre optic engineer's helmet with CityFibre logo in pink


Revisit on site

55 min

saved to verify each operation

3 to 4

Incident visits saved per month

Before Deepomatic

CityFibre relied on manual audits, consuming valuable time and resources.

  • Quality assurance managers meticulously scrutinized a mere 20% of operations, often spending up to 60 minutes per review. 
  • The process was laborious and costly and failed to deliver the speed and accuracy required to meet CityFibre's ambitious growth and quality goals.

With Deepomatic

CityFibre implemented an efficient and cost-effective QC process

  • Leveraging Deepomatic's mobile app, CityFibre's engineers seamlessly capture images of each task, transforming documentation into a streamlined, real-time process. 
  • Deepomatic's intelligence analyzes every photo to ensure stringent quality standards are met, flagging any deviations instantly. 
  • Engineers receive prompt feedback, enabling them to rectify issues on-site, thus minimizing revisits due to non-compliant jobs.
  • Deepomatic's platform revolutionizes documentation practices, providing a searchable repository of build information and maintenance activities. This invaluable resource empowers CityFibre's network management and quality assurance teams with unparalleled visibility and control over operations.
Deepomatic's mobile app showing AI quality control on CityFibre fibre exchange cassette

Buoyed by this success, CityFibre has started introducing Deepomatic's automation across its end-to-end build operations and home installation services. With Deepomatic as a trusted partner, CityFibre realizes its vision of delivering flawless fibre optic connectivity to millions of homes, propelling the UK into a new era of digital excellence.

Deepomatic has continued to collaborate with us to expand our capabilities in line with business growth objectives. This includes supporting mass migration of our network from GPON to XGSPON and innovation around the dynamic, transactional visual inspections that are an integral part of the development of CityFibre's flexible, AI-enabled Workflow Orchestration.

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