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Clearwater County partners with Deepomatic to implement AI-driven fiber construction quality control for fiber build and fiber-to-the-home connections.

Clearwater County, a municipal district in Alberta CA, has teamed up with Deepomatic, the First Time Right Automation platform, to transform the quality control and project management processes for their fiber optic roll out. The 5-year contract underlines a new practical approach to improving efficiency in the county's infrastructure development.

In response to the challenges posed by the deployment of fiber optic networks over vast distances, especially in rural and mountainous areas, Clearwater County sought a solution to automate the verification of critical tasks in its construction operations and fiber to the home connections to prevent costly reworks. Tasks include cabling splice trays, pressurizing splice closures, ensuring handhole conformity and safety, ensuring appropriate trenching depth, and more.

Deepomatic's solution involves field workers using the Deepomatic mobile application to document every task with field photos. The visual AI-powered analysis validates the accuracy and quality of the job, providing real-time feedback to the technician to ensure successful task completion. Thanks to the integration of Deepomatic into the IQGeo platform, project managers and their supervisors have real-time access to as-built documentation with an unprecedented level of accuracy, directly within the GIS platform they already use.

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This approach will ease the pressure of rectifying anomalies and mistakes which can represent significant time and resources and addresses the scalability challenges of on-site quality controls over vast distances.

Thomas Thuillier, General Manager of Deepomatic in North America, shared his perspective on this collaboration: “We are proud to support Clearwater County's mission to expand fiber connectivity across Alberta's vast territory. Through this partnership, the county aims to deploy an efficient and sustainable infrastructure, setting an example for all future deployments."

« “Clearwater County faces the challenge of deploying a new fiber network in difficult terrain, with sometimes large distances to and from sites making auditing and any rework particularly inefficient. From the start, our approach was very practical and we were pleased to find that Deepomatic was able to efficiently implement AI technology with concrete results for our construction and operations.” »
Cam McDonald, IT Manager at Clearwater County

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