Immoka & Deepomatic: Enforcing cleaning standards with visual automation

INDUSTRY : Property concierge service
MARKET : Hauts de France region / France
TURNOVER : 450,000€ / month
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES : 40, among whom 28 are cleaners


    With prices more attractive than those of a hotel and the promise of a “local” experience and to “feel right at home”, seasonal or short-term rental, between private individuals that is, attracts more and more travellers. As a matter of fact, France is now the 2nd market worldwide for short-term rental, right behind the United-States. For homeowners, it is also the opportunity to turn their investment into profit. In response to this expanding market, concierge services for short-term rentals have developed throughout France. Among them is IMMOKA, settled in Northern France, around the city of Lille. Like any concierge service, IMMOKA’s objective is clear: increasing the occupancy rate of the properties they manage. Offering travellers a spotless accommodation is therefore indispensable as an unflattering comment on cleanliness can drop the grade of an accommodation on a platform and therefore affect the number of reservations. 

    IMMOKA must therefore keep innovating to improve its cleaning service.  

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    “With Deepomatic, our objective is to increase our cleanliness rating on Airbnb from 4.3 to 4.8, thus allowing us to increase our turnover by 5% per month”.

    Hugo Desrousseaux
    Co-founder and CEO


    With a large range of managed properties, ranging from a 215 square ft studio to a loft apartment and distributed over several buildings, the cleaning mission is complex for Immoka employees. Unlike standardised hotel rooms, it is hard for cleaners to adopt cleaning reflexes. This is added to the pressure of very short delays during which cleaning must be performed. 

    As for Immoka teams, they have no way of knowing in real time what is happening in the field and cannot control if the cleaning has been performed according to the quality standards set by the company.


    To answer these challenges, Immoka has appealed to Deepomatic to provide its cleaning team with a visual automation solution. During a cleaning intervention, each cleaner will take 10 pictures with their mobile phone. These pictures are analysed in real-time, allowing for the necessary adjustments until the task is approved. Each picture is associated with several tasks to be performed that answer to precise needs. For example, the picture of the fridge allows checking that it has been entirely cleared out, and that all the fridge compartments have been cleaned. Thanks to this “super” cleaning check-list, the IMMOKA teams have a real-time vision of what is happening in the field and can guarantee travellers that cleaning is performed following the quality standards that have been set.


    Behind this visual automation solution lies a set of artificial intelligences that are each specifically trained for a task that need to be performed in the pictures: assessing the cleanliness of a piece of equipment, or checking that a task has been properly performed following the expected standard.


    The use of a visual automation solution like DEEPOMATIC’s is key to IMMOKA’s growth strategy. It allows IMMOKA to aim for operational excellence with regards to accommodation cleanliness, thus improving its relationship with travellers. Thanks to the image collection, IMMOKA can also reply to the traveller’s potential complaints.

    With increasingly clean accommodations, IMMOKA is aiming for an improved cleanliness rating on platforms, allowing it to rent its properties more often and more expensive, thus increasing the company’s monthly turnover. Thanks to Deepomatic Immoka can therefore ensure a lasting growth and secure its jobs.

    While putting transparency at the heart of the relationship, this solution must also allow IMMOKA to win over the homeowners’ loyalty by enhancing the state of their properties and increasing the rental profitability.

    “Deepomatic acknowledges Immoka’s efforts to integrate all actors and develop innovative solutions to enhance its teams’ adherence to this new project”. 

    Baudoin de Jenlis, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Deepomatic

    About IMMOKA

    Founded in 2016, IMMOKA is a young start-up from Lille (Northern France) that specialises in Airbnb concierge service. With properties ranging from the studio to the 5-bedroom family apartment or the loft, IMMOKA now manages 240 properties in and around Lille. By 2023, the company aims at managing 500 properties in medium-sized cities where the market for seasonal concierge service is not saturated yet.