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banner creating quality photo datasets Deepomatic 2023
4 min reading time

[1/5]: Creating datasets of representative field photos

In computer vision, as in all machine learning technologies, the data driving the algorithms is...

Field Optic Technician in an orange vest using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Platform on his phone
5 min reading time

First Time Right Automation for Field Service Companies: What Efficiency Gains?

Discover how First Time Right Automation boosts efficiency in field services through real-time feedback, compliance...

A group of adult workers sitting on red chairs attending to a Computer Vision Conference with four speakers
2 min reading time

Top Computer Vision Conferences Around The Globe

At Deepomatic, we have a true passion for computer vision. Therefore, we need (and want)...

Cablex technician using a blue sweatshirt taking a photo of a fiber optic equipment with a tablet
4 min reading time

Exclusive Interview: Swisscom Technician Enhances Fiber Optic Deployment with Computer Vision

Discover how Deepomatic empowers Swisscom's fiber optic technicians with real-time quality control and efficiency, revolutionizing...

Space View: South America Glowing at Night, Symbolizing Fttx Connection Between Countries
5 min reading time

Deployment of Optical Fiber Networks in Latin America: Lessons to be Learned From the European Experience

Discover the lessons learned to deploy fiber more efficiently in Latin America, leveraging knowledge from...

A globalized world over a jungle, with icons symbolizing the fight to reduce carbon footprint in the different industries
4 min reading time

Deepomatic's 2022 Carbon Report: Key Trends and Challenges Explored

Discover insights from Deepomatic's 2022 Carbon Report, covering trends, challenges, and methodological changes in their...

A connected city with blue lines representing how fiber optic is connected in a city
3 min reading time

Ftth Council Fiber Market Panorama In Europe: Deepomatic’s Key Takeaways

Discover how Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) tech is reshaping Europe's digital landscape. Explore Deepomatic's insights from the...

6 EV charging stations
2 min reading time

Exploiting AI to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations.

First Time Right Automation is the key to scale quality control in electric car charger...

A Cityscoot's client using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Technology on their phone
4 min reading time

Strengthening Urban Mobility: Cityscoot and Deepomatic Collaborate for Efficient Scooter Parking

Discover how Cityscoot and Deepomatic leverage AI to streamline scooter parking verification, improving compliance and...


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