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banner : 90-day to deploy a computer vision system, article #3

[3/5] Measuring first results after 90 days

Explore how a computer vision platform, implemented over 90 days, revolutionizes field operations with AI,...

Black banner of Deepomatic Home Run event: AI at the service of operational excellence

Highlights of Deepomatic's latest customer event

A few days ago, we were very proud to welcome our community of clients and...

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Clear & transparent water with stones

Challenges of Environmental Transparency in the Business World

In the tech world, several initiatives have recently sprung up demanding more environmental transparency from...

Black offices chairs, wooden tables and white pillars in Deepomatic's office in Paris

Swisscom Ventures & Octave Klaba Invest in Deepomatic's Rapid Growth

Deepomatic receives a 2.3 million euro investment from Swisscom Ventures and Octave Klaba, propelling its...

Field technicians working, image recognition flagging the different aspects with red and yellow boxes/

What is image recognition?

The emergence of artificial intelligence opens the way to new development potential for our industries...

Stack of Computer Vision books

Top 5 Computer Vision books for everyone

Do you want to become a true computer vision expert? Then pick one of our...

Visual representation of an advanced eye, symbolizing the capabilities of computer vision in modern technology.

Computer Vision vs Image Recognition: Key Differences Explained

Though subtle, there is a difference betweencomputer visionand image recognition. Therefore, we decided to explain...


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