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A Cityscoot's client using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Technology on their phone
4 min reading time

Strengthening Urban Mobility: Cityscoot and Deepomatic Collaborate for Efficient Scooter Parking

Discover how Cityscoot and Deepomatic leverage AI to streamline scooter parking verification, improving compliance and...

Construction site with fiber optic cables (in yellow) next to the FTTH ground connection
5 min reading time

Build Your Fiber Networks Quickly Without Compromising on Efficiency

Explore expert advice on rapidly deploying fiber networks while maintaining efficiency and quality. Learn about...

Unit-T technician in a yellow vest and with a white construction helm repairing a smart meter
4 min reading time

3 tips for delivering service excellence for smart energy meter installations

Never has it been so pressing to watch our energy consumption: With climate change and...

Computer vision representation
17 min reading time

Deepomatic: Ethical AI Data Annotation and Improved Worker Conditions

Explore the ethical challenges of data annotation for AI and how organizations like Deepomatic are...

On-site field worker using tablet with AI integrated
5 min reading time

[Fundraising] Deepomatic, the start-up that augments technicians work on the field, raises 10 million euros

Deepomatic secures €10 million in funding to revolutionize field operations with AI-based automation, boosting efficiency...

Man with a brown bag riding a bike to work, to reduce his Co2 consumption
8 min reading time

Alternative ways of commuting to work: Building a responsible travel policy

Explore how Deepomatic tackles eco-conscious travel for businesses, sharing insights on responsible policies, challenges, and...

Three Fur Seal on top of a rock, one small black one, and two big grey ones
5 min reading time

Harnessing Computer Vision for Biodiversity Monitoring: A Deepomatic Case Study

Exploring AI-Driven Biodiversity Monitoring: Deepomatic's Collaboration for Juan Fernandez Fur Seal Population in Chile's Archipelago...

Unit-T Field worker taking a picture of a water smart meter on a tablet with Deepomatic's Computer Vision Technology integrated
4 min reading time

Unit-T and Deepomatic Revolutionizing Smart Meter Installations by Using Computer Vision Systems

Paris, July 4, 2022 – Unit-T, a Belgian subsidiary of Solutions 30 group, partners with...

Group of computer vision experts reflecting on a new equipment
2 min reading time

Top 5 Computer Vision labs to keep an eye on

Explore the forefront of computer vision at top labs like MIT CSAIL, BAIR, CI2CV, Caltech,...


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