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Computer Vision: A Revolutionizing Technology in Various Forms
2 min reading time

Computer Vision: A Revolutionizing Technology in Various Forms

Computer vision, a pivotal aspect of technological advancement, is broadly categorized into two types of...

CityFibre field optic technician performing maintenance of a british electricity panel
2 min reading time

CityFibre and Deepomatic: Transforming Network Operations with First Time Right Automation

Explore how CityFibre's collaboration with Deepomatic on First Time Right Automation technology is reshaping network...

Black and green button getting turned down by a hand, symbolizing the reduction of Co2 emissions
8 min reading time

5 tips for a successful carbon accounting process

Discover five essential tips for successful carbon accounting. Learn how to understand assessment tactics, define...

Clear & transparent water with stones
6 min reading time

Challenges of Environmental Transparency in the Business World

In the tech world, several initiatives have recently sprung up demanding more environmental transparency from...

Black offices chairs, wooden tables and white pillars in Deepomatic's office in Paris
2 min reading time

Swisscom Ventures & Octave Klaba Invest in Deepomatic's Rapid Growth

Deepomatic receives a 2.3 million euro investment from Swisscom Ventures and Octave Klaba, propelling its...

A person typing on a computer the meaning of image identification
1 min reading time

Unraveling the Mysteries of Image Identification in Computer Vision

Often misused, the concept of "image identification" is increasingly common. By definition, image identification allows...

Field technicians working, image recognition flagging the different aspects with red and yellow boxes/
4 min reading time

What is image recognition?

The emergence of artificial intelligence opens the way to new development potential for our industries...

Stack of Computer Vision books
2 min reading time

Top 5 Computer Vision books for everyone

Do you want to become a true computer vision expert? Then pick one of our...


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