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How Visual AI Goes Beyond Quality Control to Streamline Back-Office Processes

The visual AI trend is pervasive and gathering momentum at speed. Visual AI leverages computer vision technology, an innovation that allows machines to identify, comprehend, and interpret visual data the same way a human would.

Businesses are rushing to integrate this branch of computer science for automated quality control because of the ripple of benefits that can spread through their organization, both in their field and back-office processes.

Contextualizing this in a field operation scenario, visual AI, along with natural language processing, analyzes photos captured by technicians and agents when they are still in the field and gives them instant feedback on the quality of their work.

Visual AI automates and optimizes image analysis and complex data entry in a back-office scenario. It offers several benefits, including increased accuracy and consistency in fieldwork inspections, enhanced operational speed, and reduced operational costs.

In this blog article, we will investigate why using visual AI for quality control automation also helps you streamline back office processes for a leaner and more agile business.

From Quality Assurance to Efficient Cash Flow Management with Visual AI

Businesses are composed of interrelated systems that interact synergistically. When you enhance efficiency in one department, the impact will spread into another. Quality control is no different.

Visual AI verifies each technician’s work, ensuring that installations are done correctly before processing payment. This ensures the quality and compliance of the work and accelerates the payment cycle, thereby strengthening your grip on cash flow management and key relationships.

Visual AI can unlock this benefit and, therefore, help you reduce administrative delays and errors, allowing you to enhance cash flow predictability and stability, contributing to overall financial health.

Bouygues Telecom, one of the big operators in the French telecommunications industry, relies today on Deepomatic's validation during fiber service activation operations to trigger the payment of its subcontractors.

Every time a technician connects a subscriber to the fiber network, they must take photos of equipment before and after their intervention as proof. If each photo's conformity is verified, all required documentation is properly submitted, and all visible technical actions are approved by the AI, then the installation will be automatically paid to the contracting company.

Visual AI for Cost Efficiency

With Visual AI, companies also increase cost efficiency as they no longer need to expand their back-office teams to carry out fieldwork acceptance and payment despite the increasing volume of field operations. AI is the omnipresent auditor that validates each operation, and its analysis results in the condition that you pay your subcontractors.

Swisscom, the leading telecommunications operator in Switzerland, exemplifies this efficiency. As they conduct more operations each year to roll out its fiber network, Swisscom has successfully tripled its back-office processing capacity using Deepomatic’s visual AI without hiring additional employees.

Visual AI for Smarter Resource Allocation

Your back-office workforce has an abundance of skills and talent to offer. Wasting these on monotonous and repetitive quality control tasks will underutilize workers’ potential and hamper overall productivity and innovation within your organization.

Visual AI can divert their attention to tasks that better leverage their skills and are conducive to growth. Therefore, quality control is an area of business that cannot be ignored.

Skimp on it, and you’ll compromise the quality of your output, which can contaminate your brand image. Focus on it; you’ll ensure product consistency that wins customers' loyalty and repeat business.

With visual AI, you can streamline your quality control process, significantly reducing the time, labor, and resources traditionally required. It’s the tide that lifts all boats in the harbor, enhancing overall back-office efficiency by automating routine tasks and allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Additionally, integrating visual AI into your back-office processes gives you the agility required to compete effectively in today’s competitive digital arena.

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