ArtificiaI Intelligence

Blue eye with a top right sparkle inside a black and red space with numbers symbolizing the human eye looking at data
13 min reading time

Navigating the Depths of Computer Vision: The Guide

Our guide breaks down Computer Vision in simple terms, offering insights into how machines interpret...

Black banner of Deepomatic Home Run event: AI at the service of operational excellence
4 min reading time

Highlights of Deepomatic's latest customer event

A few days ago, we were very proud to welcome our community of clients and...

Deploy your Computer Vision platform in 90 days. Second step: create your custom AI for quality control
4 min reading time

[2/5] Creating your custom AI to control field work quality

Dive into the world of AI and computer vision and revolutionize the verification of your...

banner creating quality photo datasets Deepomatic 2023
4 min reading time

[1/5]: Creating datasets of representative field photos

In computer vision, as in all machine learning technologies, the data driving the algorithms is...

Field Optic Technician in an orange vest using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Platform on his phone
5 min reading time

First Time Right Automation for Field Service Companies: What Efficiency Gains?

Discover how First Time Right Automation boosts efficiency in field services through real-time feedback, compliance...

Cablex technician using a blue sweatshirt taking a photo of a fiber optic equipment with a tablet
4 min reading time

Exclusive Interview: Swisscom Technician Enhances Fiber Optic Deployment with Computer Vision

Discover how Deepomatic empowers Swisscom's fiber optic technicians with real-time quality control and efficiency, revolutionizing...

Construction site with fiber optic cables (in yellow) next to the FTTH ground connection
5 min reading time

Build Your Fiber Networks Quickly Without Compromising on Efficiency

Explore expert advice on rapidly deploying fiber networks while maintaining efficiency and quality. Learn about...

Unit-T technician in a yellow vest and with a white construction helm repairing a smart meter
4 min reading time

3 tips for delivering service excellence for smart energy meter installations

Never has it been so pressing to watch our energy consumption: With climate change and...

Computer vision representation
17 min reading time

Deepomatic: Ethical AI Data Annotation and Improved Worker Conditions

Explore the ethical challenges of data annotation for AI and how organizations like Deepomatic are...


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