Computer Vision

Cover of the podcast hosted by the Service Council with Thomas Thuillier from Deepomatic as a guest
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[Podcast] Harnessing AI for Enhanced Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

A hand holding a smarthone displayed a Visual AI app. The background of the image presents a 3D city map geolocating elements
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FSM, GIS, Visual AI: A Tech Ecosystem Serving Field Operations

FSM, GIS, and Visual AI are transforming field operations management and this ecosystem of technologies...

Field technicians with a tablet, taking a photo of their work
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Making the Right Choice of Tool to Boost Field Technicians Efficiency

Equipping field technicians with new technologies is imperative for field service companies striving for peak efficiency...

Blue eye with a top right sparkle inside a black and red space with numbers symbolizing the human eye looking at data
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What is Computer Vision?

Our guide breaks down Computer Vision in simple terms, offering insights into how machines interpret...

FIber Optic Technician performing an intervention a pole
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Accelerating FTTx Build Acceptance for Altnets in the UK.

Discover how to perform Build Acceptance in all your fiber optic installations: the Physical Infrastructure...

Banner 5th article of 90 days to value, Deepomatic article series
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[5/5] Supporting Your Teams Through Change

Explore the pivotal role of change management in our series finale. Learn how deploying AI-based...

Banner of the 4th article about the IT intégration of computer vision technology
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[4/5] Combining integration and high quality user experience

Find out the different integration options you have to offer the best user experience to...

Black banner of Deepomatic Home Run event: AI at the service of operational excellence
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Highlights of Deepomatic's latest customer event

A few days ago, we were very proud to welcome our community of clients and...

Digital eye symbolizing Computer Vision technology
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Field Service 2.0: The emergence of Multimodal Computer Vision Models for quality control automation

Delve into AI advancements, computer vision's history, and the transformative potential of multimodal models in...


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