Computer Vision

Creating datasets of photos that are representatives from the field

#1: Creating datasets of representative field photos

In computer vision, as in all machine learning technologies, the data driving the algorithms is...

Field Optic Technician in an orange vest using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Platform on his phone

First Time Right Automation for Field Service Companies: What Efficiency Gains?

Discover how First Time Right Automation boosts efficiency in field services through real-time feedback, compliance...

A group of adult workers sitting on red chairs attending to a Computer Vision Conference with four speakers

Top Computer Vision Conferences Around The Globe

At Deepomatic, we have a true passion for computer vision. Therefore, we need (and want)...

Cablex technician using a blue sweatshirt taking a photo of a fiber optic equipment with a tablet

Exclusive Interview: Swisscom Technician Enhances Fiber Optic Deployment with Computer Vision

Discover how Deepomatic empowers Swisscom's fiber optic technicians with real-time quality control and efficiency, revolutionizing...

Unit-T technician in a yellow vest and with a white construction helm repairing a smart meter

3 tips for delivering service excellence for smart energy meter installations

Never has it been so pressing to watch our energy consumption: With climate change and...

Three Fur Seal on top of a rock, one small black one, and two big grey ones

Harnessing Computer Vision for Biodiversity Monitoring: A Deepomatic Case Study

Exploring AI-Driven Biodiversity Monitoring: Deepomatic's Collaboration for Juan Fernandez Fur Seal Population in Chile's Archipelago...

Unit-T Field worker taking a picture of a water smart meter on a tablet with Deepomatic's Computer Vision Technology integrated

Unit-T and Deepomatic Revolutionizing Smart Meter Installations by Using Computer Vision Systems

Paris, July 4, 2022 – Unit-T, a Belgian subsidiary of Solutions 30 group, partners with...


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