A globalized world over a jungle, with icons symbolizing the fight to reduce carbon footprint in the different industries
4 min reading time

Deepomatic's 2022 Carbon Report: Key Trends and Challenges Explored

Discover insights from Deepomatic's 2022 Carbon Report, covering trends, challenges, and methodological changes in their...

Computer vision representation
17 min reading time

Deepomatic: Ethical AI Data Annotation and Improved Worker Conditions

Explore the ethical challenges of data annotation for AI and how organizations like Deepomatic are...

Man with a brown bag riding a bike to work, to reduce his Co2 consumption
8 min reading time

Alternative ways of commuting to work: Building a responsible travel policy

Explore how Deepomatic tackles eco-conscious travel for businesses, sharing insights on responsible policies, challenges, and...

Three Fur Seal on top of a rock, one small black one, and two big grey ones
5 min reading time

Harnessing Computer Vision for Biodiversity Monitoring: A Deepomatic Case Study

Exploring AI-Driven Biodiversity Monitoring: Deepomatic's Collaboration for Juan Fernandez Fur Seal Population in Chile's Archipelago...

Black and green button getting turned down by a hand, symbolizing the reduction of Co2 emissions
8 min reading time

5 tips for a successful carbon accounting process

Discover five essential tips for successful carbon accounting. Learn how to understand assessment tactics, define...

Clear & transparent water with stones
6 min reading time

Challenges of Environmental Transparency in the Business World

In the tech world, several initiatives have recently sprung up demanding more environmental transparency from...


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