ArtificiaI Intelligence

Cablex technician using a blue sweatshirt taking a photo of a fiber optic equipment with a tablet
4 min reading time

Exclusive Interview: Swisscom Technician Enhances Fiber Optic Deployment with Computer Vision

Discover how Deepomatic empowers Swisscom's fiber optic technicians with real-time quality control and efficiency, revolutionizing...

Construction site with fiber optic cables (in yellow) next to the FTTH ground connection
5 min reading time

Build Your Fiber Networks Quickly Without Compromising on Efficiency

Explore expert advice on rapidly deploying fiber networks while maintaining efficiency and quality. Learn about...

Unit-T technician in a yellow vest and with a white construction helm repairing a smart meter
4 min reading time

3 tips for delivering service excellence for smart energy meter installations

Never has it been so pressing to watch our energy consumption: With climate change and...

Computer vision representation
17 min reading time

Deepomatic: Ethical AI Data Annotation and Improved Worker Conditions

Explore the ethical challenges of data annotation for AI and how organizations like Deepomatic are...

Computer Vision: A Revolutionizing Technology in Various Forms
2 min reading time

Computer Vision: A Revolutionizing Technology in Various Forms

Computer vision, a pivotal aspect of technological advancement, is broadly categorized into two types of...

CityFibre field optic technician performing maintenance of a british electricity panel
2 min reading time

CityFibre and Deepomatic: Transforming Network Operations with First Time Right Automation

Explore how CityFibre's collaboration with Deepomatic on First Time Right Automation technology is reshaping network...

Clear & transparent water with stones
6 min reading time

Challenges of Environmental Transparency in the Business World

In the tech world, several initiatives have recently sprung up demanding more environmental transparency from...

A person typing on a computer the meaning of image identification
1 min reading time

Unraveling the Mysteries of Image Identification in Computer Vision

Often misused, the concept of "image identification" is increasingly common. By definition, image identification allows...


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