ArtificiaI Intelligence

Technician wearning an orange helmet and using their smartphone
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[Interview] Quality Control Automation, in Real-Time

Discover the interview of our CEO Augustin Marty for the media Informations Entreprise, and how...

Cover of the podcast hosted by the Service Council with Thomas Thuillier from Deepomatic as a guest
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[Podcast] Harnessing AI for Enhanced Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

A hand holding a smarthone displayed a Visual AI app. The background of the image presents a 3D city map geolocating elements
3 min reading time

FSM, GIS, Visual AI: A Tech Ecosystem Serving Field Operations

FSM, GIS, and Visual AI are transforming field operations management and this ecosystem of technologies...

Field technicians with a tablet, taking a photo of their work
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Making the Right Choice of Tool to Boost Field Technicians Efficiency

Equipping field technicians with new technologies is imperative for field service companies striving for peak efficiency...

Blue eye with a top right sparkle inside a black and red space with numbers symbolizing the human eye looking at data
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What is Computer Vision?

Our guide breaks down Computer Vision in simple terms, offering insights into how machines interpret...

Black banner of Deepomatic Home Run event: AI at the service of operational excellence
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Highlights of Deepomatic's latest customer event

A few days ago, we were very proud to welcome our community of clients and...

Deploy your Computer Vision platform in 90 days. Second step: create your custom AI for quality control
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[2/5] Creating your custom AI to control field work quality

Dive into the world of AI and computer vision and revolutionize the verification of your...

banner creating quality photo datasets Deepomatic 2023
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[1/5]: Creating datasets of representative field photos

In computer vision, as in all machine learning technologies, the data driving the algorithms is...

Field Optic Technician in an orange vest using Deepomatic's Computer Vision Platform on his phone
5 min reading time

First Time Right Automation for Field Service Companies: What Efficiency Gains?

Discover how First Time Right Automation boosts efficiency in field services through real-time feedback, compliance...


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