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Our mission

At the moment, we are focused on developing a technology in control of all its externalities. We are also dedicated to growing the Green IT ecosystem by seriously contributing to a better knowledge of digital environmental issues.
Our progress so far


Key figures

0 TCO2eq
The result of the carbon footprint carried out in 2020 (Cloud included).
0 TCO2eq
The quantity of carbon credits purchased by Deepomatic to contribute to carbon neutrality objectives. That's more than anything the company has issued since its inception.


Organizations must work in solidarity with one another to achieve their environmental objectives. This is why we openly share our environmental information with all of our stakeholders.
The challenges of sustainable digital technology are complex and too often overlooked. However, awareness of these issues is urgent and essential. We are eager to create and share methods to improve knowledge on a global scale. We strongly believe that this exertion should, and will quite literally become everyone’s business.
At Deepomatic, we know that companies should communicate honestly, showcasing their environmental successes while acknowledging their uncertainties. For instance, we’d rather approach carbon offset as one option among many which contribute to a strong and determined emission reduction policy, rather than seeing it as the sole viable option.
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Our sustainability

Implementing a sustainable development policy in a dematerialized sector like that of tech is not easy. It’s important to keep making progress without getting discouraged by the challenges that arise.
Hired a sustainability development officer
August 2020
Funded offset projects to match all our historical emissions
December 2020
Completed a second carbon assessment
July 2021
July 2020
Completed our first carbon assessment
Defined a carbon reduction policy
October 2020
Published our methodology for calculating the carbon footprint for enterprise software
May 2021
Presented our methodology to a committee of green IT experts


It’s difficult for organizations to estimate the environmental impact of their digital components. In response, more and more initiatives are emerging, and we’ve joined several of them. We believe there’s strength in unity, and we will all achieve our goals faster by working together.
Boavizta works to produce expert and updated resources under a free license to measure the environmental impact of digital technology.
Planet Tech'Care brings together players in the green IT ecosystem and organizes thematic workshops;
Institute for Sustainable IT (L’institut du Numérique Responsable) seeks to orient digital technology towards more sustainability by offering access to a set of guides and tools.