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Strengthening Urban Mobility: Cityscoot and Deepomatic Collaborate for Efficient Scooter Parking

Paris, April 25th, 2023. Cityscoot chose Deepomatic to automate the verification of parking photos for its scooters in Paris, Milan, and Turin. Through this project, a first in the urban mobility sector, artificial intelligence will allow Cityscoot to gain administrative efficiency and accuracy in the reallocation of parking tickets.

With the development of urban mobility means, sharing space in the city has never been so crucial. The most recent proof is that electric scooters will gradually disappear from Paris as of September 1, 2023, in particular, because of problems with inconvenient parking, despite the dedicated parking spaces that have been in place for several months.

Cityscoot, which has a fleet of 2,500 self-service scooters in the Paris region and can record up to 20,000 rentals per day, had implemented photo-taking at the end of the ride to allow its users to provide proof of compliance with scooter parking rules. However, the sheer volume of photos to be processed made systematic verification impossible, and some cases of improper parking could go undetected before it was too late, leading to tickets and impoundment. These scenarios generate time-consuming administrative tasks for the supervision and customer relations teams to reassign the fine to the responsible user.

Using Deepomatic's automated quality control solution based on artificial intelligence, photos taken by Cityscoot customers at the end of a ride are processed automatically. Deepomatic verifies that a Cityscoot scooter is present in the photo to guarantee its reliability, reads the identification number or license plate, and checks that the scooter is parked in a space authorized for 2 wheels.

If the result of the analysis is uncertain, the Cityscoot team is informed and manually checks the photo. If the AI invalidates some control points, Cityscoot sends an email to the user to educate him on good parking practices and maximize the chances that he will park the scooter correctly on his next trip. In a second phase, the Cityscoot team will proactively re-park and move the scooters, thus helping to improve the occupation of public space.

By using Deepomatic's solution, Cityscoot hopes to increase processing speed by focusing on the most problematic cases and improving ticket reallocation efficiency and accuracy. Being able to act immediately when the solution alerts us also reduces the number of tickets issued and the number of impoundments, thereby increasing the availability of scooters. There is also an additional benefit in terms of the satisfaction of city councils in cities where Cityscoot operates as a true partner of these municipalities.

The project is currently being implemented in Paris and its suburbs, as well as in Milan and Turin. As parking regulations vary from one location to another, Deepomatic adapts the checkpoints to be verified.

"We are proud to work alongside Cityscoot, a French company that has created a virtuous mode of urban travel, in this project to educate their users", says Augustin Marty, CEO of Deepomatic. "It demonstrates that AI can be put at the service of a civic cause, allowing each mode of transportation to coexist in traffic areas under increasing pressure."

"Respecting urban space is a major issue for tomorrow's mobility, which includes proper vehicle parking. Thanks to the Deepomatic technology, we are now able to identify bad parking of Cityscoot and to do so in a quick and reliable manner. Its use will allow us to optimize our customer experience by permanently educating our users and limiting the number of tickets, " explains Michaël, Product Owner at Cityscoot.

About Cityscoot

Founded in March 2014 and a member of Next40 since 2019, Cityscoot launched its service in Paris (June 2016), Milan (January 2019), and Turin (June 2021). With nearly 350 employees recruited on permanent contracts in seven years, Cityscoot is now one of the most job-creating start-ups in France. Cityscoot owns the entire technological chain required to operate the service: the scooters, the main batteries, and their range extenders are manufactured in Europe (in Poland, Germany, and France, respectively).

About Deepomatic

Deepomatic is a pioneer in the field of First Time Right Automation. Our AI-based computer vision platform is designed for companies operating critical infrastructures who strive to apply their quality standard at scale and increase their operations' First Time Right rate.

Our platform automates quality control by analyzing photos taken by field workers and providing them instant feedback on the conformity of their jobs. It guarantees the conformity of the data documenting daily field jobs and allows us to follow the state of the infrastructure over time to make informed decisions to operate and maintain it.

Deepomatic serves leading international clients in the telecommunications, energy, hospitality, and mobility sectors. Nearly 20,000 field workers employed by Bouygues Telecom, Swisscom, CityFibre, Telefonica, Circet, and Unit-T use Deepomatic's solution every day, highly improving their productivity and efficiency on site. Our platform analyzes close to 1 million operations every month.


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