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Augustin Marty
Deepomatic CEO
Ton Bosters
Unit-T CEO
Sandra Trittin
Expert in the Energy and Cleantech sector & Co-founder of Tiko Energy Solutions
How can field service companies automate their quality & safety control? An example with smart energy meter installations.

There is an indispensable means to scaling, whether you are a field service company deploying smart energy meters, fiber optic, 5G, or even electric vehicle charging points: automation. Yet, many key business processes, such as quality and safety control, are still done in a manual and time-consuming manner.
In this webinar hosted by Deepomatic, the leader in Visual Automation, and Unit-T, the Belgian leader in field services, we discussed how to automate these processes through computer vision, in order to save operating costs by:

– Increasing your operations first time right
– Ensuring your back-office teams focus on the most important cases to solve
– Improving the reliability of field operations data in your system

Learn how in just a few weeks, Unit-T conceived of and deployed a project with Deepomatic to equip their technicians and quality teams with visual automation for the installations of smart energy meters.

Hans Peter Heidler
CEO of Fiber to the people
Patrique Dias
Sales Director DACH - Deepomatic
Frederic Ufer
President of VATM
How to drive operational excellence with accurate data in fiber roll-out thanks to image recognition ? [Webinar in German]

How can technology and specifically image recognition lead to operational excellence with accurate data in fiber construction and roll-out.

Roberto Puche
CTO Movistar Colombia
Jonathan Andrés Pérez Pardo
Leader of digital transformation Field Services
Augustin Marty
CEO Deepomatic
Daniela López
Sales executive LATAM
How does visual automation optimize and guarantee the quality of fiber optic operation ? [Webinar in Spanish]

Watch this webinar presented by Deepomatic and Movistar Colombia (Telefónica group), one of the largest commercial operators in the country, to understand how field pictures analyzed in real-time by AI algorithms help reach :

  • A measurable increase in the respect of quality standards both in fiber build and connection operations,
  • Higher productivity levels from field service teams,
  • A longer infrastructure life-span and reduced maintenance costs
Augustin Marty
Deepomatic CEO
David Tomalin
CTO of CityFibre Group
How visual automation helps to build and mantain a word-class full fibre network

Our CEO Augustin Marty and David Tomalin, CTO of CityFibre Group.They will explain why visual automation applied to routine field pictures can bring wholesale carriers, internet service providers and subcontractors to a new level of service quality monitoring, and provide the accurate and comprehensive real-time visibility they need to optimize their daily operational planning efficiently.