Increasing the efficiency of fiber optic technicians with AI in a context of workforce shortage.

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Field technician looking at his work tablet with Deepomatic's Computer Vision platform integrated

As leading telecom communications operators and their subcontractors have entered the race to roll out fiber optic networks, many have encountered difficulties meeting their deadlines. This is due in no small part to the limited pools of field workers available to build the network. The subsequent question is: How can they maintain a high quality of service despite these labor issues?

In this webinar, discover how image recognition applied to routine field photos enables telecom companies to perform quality control and work acceptance in real time and automatically and contributes to alleviating labor tensions.

Learn how AI is used in fiber roll-out to increase technicians’ efficiency and allow telecom companies to scale their operations while reducing operating costs without compromising quality.

Aloïs Brunel
Aloïs BrunelChief Product Officer, Deepomatic
Ralf Gugelmann
Ralf GugelmannHead of Rollout, Maintenance & Single Project - Swisscom AG
Roland Montagne
Roland MontagnePrincipal Analyst FTTH, Broadband Markets - IDATE DigiWorld

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