How can field service companies automate their quality & safety control? An example with smart energy meter installations.

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There is an indispensable means to scaling, whether you are a field service company deploying smart energy meters, fiber optic, 5G, or even electric vehicle charging points: automation. Yet, many key business processes, such as quality and safety control, are still manual and time-consuming.
In this webinar hosted by Deepomatic, the leader in Visual Automation, and Unit-T, the Belgian leader in field services, we discussed how to automate these processes through computer vision to save operating costs by:

→ Increasing your operations First Time Right
→ Ensuring your back-office teams focus on the most critical cases to solve
→ Improving the reliability of field operations data in your system

Learn how, in just a few weeks, Unit-T conceived and deployed a project with Deepomatic to equip their technicians and quality teams with visual automation for installing smart energy meters.

Augustin Marty
Augustin MartyCEO & Co-Founder, Deepomatic
Sandra Trittin
Sandra TrittinExpert in the energy and cleantech sector & Co-founder of Tiko Energy Solutions
Ton Bosters
Ton BostersCEO of Unit-T

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