Visual Automation for Telecommunications

  • Connect customers faster
  • Reduce cost of quality and compliance
  • Drive infrastructure ROI
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Use image recognition and AI to turbocharge your field service processes

The Deepomatic Visual Automation Platform analyzes images taken by technicians and guides them to successful task completion, while instantly flagging any potential anomalies.

Management teams immediately benefit from physical network observability, tangible quality indicators, and the ability to perform predictive analysis on the collected visual data and metadata.

The result is streamlined operational processes, lower cost of compliance, improved quality of experience for subscribers, and the ability to better protect and monetize your investment in infrastructure.

Made for telcos and their business partners

Communication Service Providers & Operators
Improve FTTx Migration and Monetization
Maximize the success of your fiber rollout. Offer subscribers the best quality and connection experience.
Wholesale Carriers & Infrastructure Operators
Improve Fiber Deployment, Integrity and Monetization
Protect your investment and drive ROI from your fiber infrastructure.
Contractors, Integrators & Managed Services Providers
Build and Work on Infrastructure More Profitably
Keep pace with your construction and connection targets without sacrificing quality or compliance.
Communication Service Providers
& Operators

Deepomatic offers a visual automation platform designed to help ISPs, operators, and their business partners meet the specific challenges of the fiber rollout along with routing network and residential operations.

The fiber rollout is entering a new phase. It’s fueled by both ambitious public policy and by consumers who demand better connectivity to work, be entertained, and stay in touch from home. Overnight, the pressure has heightened due to the Coronavirus crisis.

This represents a near-term opportunity to gain new customers and migrate subscribers from legacy fixed-line offers. It’s also your opportunity to better monetize an increasing appetite for digital services and connected devices. Needless to say, competition is also accelerating, and you can’t afford to leave your customer experience to chance.

Deepomatic helps you
Reduce time to revenue

Improve First Time Right (FTR). Shorten the time between eligibility and successful connection. Reduce the need for costly rework or customer support.
Enforce SLAs

Ensure work is performed to your standards. Empower technicians with instant visual feedback and guidance. Accurately monitor the work of your contractors to pay them fairly.
Improve visibility of work performed on the networK
Gain supervision superpowers. Reduce the need for in-person audits. With total visibility as to the status of the network and of work performed, you can be more transparent with your customers and serve them better.
Ensure customer satisfaction
Continuously improve your processes and network quality (QoS/ QoE). Compete on satisfaction and fight churn. Win over more customers and accelerate overall uptake of fiber subscriptions;
Wholesale Carriers
& Infrastructure Operators

Deepomatic offers a visual automation solution specifically designed to help you and your business partners build the required quality into your infrastructure, ensure network integrity, and drive long-term ROI.

The race to reach ambitious full-fiber coverage targets means you must move as fast and as cheaply as possible while maximizing quality and minimizing future costs.

But first you need to organize the work of your teams and contractors, and optimize your operations.

Deepomatic helps you
Ensure full traceability of work on your infrastructure
Enable lifecycle observability of your physical assets. Benefit from a comprehensive and analyzable visual-based record with quality/integrity metrics.
Enforce SLAs

Identify defects to improve administration of chargebacks, contractual bonuses, and penalties with your business partners.
Provide instant operational feedback
Guide technicians to successful task completion every time, on time. Make data collection effortless.
Identify areas for process improvement and cost reduction
Optimize maintenance thanks to predictive analytics. Avoid any downtime or disruptions to payment of operator fees.
Reduce the cost of quality and compliance
Give your inspection teams superpowers. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for interoperability and record keeping.
Contractors, Integrators
& Managed Services Providers

Deepomatic offers a visual automation platform designed to help the business partners of the telecommunications industry meet the challenges of building and working on fixed, wireless, FTTx, and residential projects.

The full-fiber rollout is accelerating in particular. With tens of thousands of technicians on the ground, it is one of the largest civil engineering projects underway across the globe.

You want to successfully deliver your projects while optimizing your engineering processes and costs, then compete to win the most lucrative contracts.

Deepomatic helps you
Build quality and productivity into your processes
Empower technicians with instant intuitive visual feedback. Enable effortless data collection. Guide them to successful task completion every time.
Improve First Time Right (FTR)
Ensure work is performed to your standards. Empower technicians with instant visual feedback and guidance. Accurately monitor the work of your contractors to pay them fairly.
Enforce SLAs
Accurately monitor the work of your own subcontractors to pay them fairly.
Demonstrate your ability to deliver
Prove and improve your processes. Demonstrate compliance to defend your margins, avoid penalties, and win new contracts.
Reduce the cost of quality
Benefit from a structured visual audit trail. Give your project management and compliance teams superpowers to monitor and assess every work order.
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Keep your cost equation and supply chain under control

Accelerating your FTTx and fixed-access rollout projects while balancing the cost equation and keeping your supply chain under control is no mean feat. It is mobilizing huge resources, and you must monetize fast. You have a long task in front of you but little leeway for inefficiency or to concede an advantage to the competition.

Deepomatic helps you:

  • Scale and manage your supply chain
    Deepomatic gives you and your business partners full visibility and control over your fiber rollout. It complements your existing field service solutions and enables you to enforce standards, ensure network integrity, and streamline your build processes in the field.
  • Reduce the cost and effort of project management, network inspection and auditing
    Deepomatic gives you a helicopter view of your infrastructure with relevant quality KPIs. With a comprehensive audit trail, your project managers, compliance, and audit teams have the means to identify and troubleshoot issues and to improve acceptance and billing of every work order, as well as optimizing in-person inspection.
  • Build quality into your infrastructure from the ground up
    Deepomatic gives technicians an effortless means to collect data every time they take a routine image. The application gives them instant feedback on the situation they find and on the work they perform by highlighting any potential issues. The result is better productivity, improved First Time Right, and less need for costly remedial maintenance.
  • Move to monetization faster
    Whether your focus is on financing, building, or taking your fiber network to market, Deepomatic helps you pass homes faster and gives you a competitive advantage in connecting satisfied subscribers more predictably and transparently.

Gain visibility and control over your network build processes, integrity and QoS

Your network infrastructure is your livelihood. Your industry is under increasing pressure to build fast, connect fast, and monetize fast. However, you are on the line to make sure that this is never at the expense of network integrity or Quality of Service. The financial value of your assets, the lifetime cost of maintaining them, and, of course, your company’s long-term ability to attract and retain fee-paying subscribers depends on it.

Deepomatic helps you:

  • Bring an expert eye to work acceptance and SLAs Deepomatic automatically guides, assesses, and documents every single work order. It instantly flags any anomalies and assists contractors and technicians so that the correct process is followed every time.
  • Gain full observability Collect, track, and analyze data to build a precise picture of your physical network with your existing operational support systems. Know the exact status of any installation at any given time. Deepomatic gives you full traceability and enables you to analyze work performed and planned, cost and quality indicators over time by location, installation type, process, equipment vendor, contractor, subcontractor, technician, and so on.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership from the ground up Identify and troubleshoot issues with less need for in-person inspection. Reduce the incidence of outages, defects, or failed connections. Avoid unplanned rework or maintenance with costly downtime.
  • Maximize the value of your instructure The value of your infrastructure is more than its integrity alone. It depends on its ability to grow and sustain revenue. Deepomatic enables you to enforce and continuously improve build quality and make subscriber connections more reliably and timely. The result is improved QoS / QoE leading to improved take-up and less revenue leakage.

Improve customer satisfaction and subscription take-up

On the Sales side of the telecommunications business, few things are more important than sustaining a satisfied subscriber base. The current fiber rollout is bringing new opportunities to drive revenue growth and move beyond the service limitations of DSL. However, expectations are rising fast and competition is relentless as ever.

Deepomatic helps you:

  • Connect customers faster and more reliably Improve First Time Right. Ensure customers experience a transparent and timely connection and onboarding process.
  • Reduce errors and defects Ensure all homes passed can effectively be connected with no surprises. Reduce the need for unplanned truck rolls and rescheduled service calls.
  • Reduce the burden on customer service The majority of customer service costs are incurred during the onboarding phase – especially so if the connection experience is at fault. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.
  • Improve take-up and market share Shorten the time between eligibility of a household or premises and revenue generation. Compete on experience and operational excellence. Improve your NPS and win over a greater share of customers.

Bring an expert eye to every work order

Quality & Compliance teams play an essential role in ensuring network integrity and QoS. As the fiber rollout enters a new phase, you are under pressure to monitor a greater volume and variety of work over a broader geographical area. However, with finite resources at your disposal, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that all defects are spotted, attributed, and remedied.

Deepomatic helps you:

  • Ensure that defined methods and SLAs are adhered to Deepomatic guides and instantly assesses the work of technicians in the field to improve process compliance and automatically catch errors from the outset. The result: less defects, less rework, less unplanned maintenance.
  • Scale your quality auditing processes without stretching your resources Deepomatic systematically collects field data so you can maintain an audit trail and rich visual record of your network and work performed on it. Shorten the time required for inspections and audits. Reduce the need for field trips. Analyze, explore, and troubleshoot all work in real time, not just a sample after the fact.
  • Ensure network integrity and QoS Improve first-time right and reduce error rates. Steer and prioritize preventive maintenance. Avoid customer service costs and revenue leakage due to non-billable network downtime, delayed subscriber connections, or poor take-up.
  • Improve transparency and relationships with your subcontractors Track and improve your quality performance KPIs based on shared, transparent field data. Identify areas for process improvement. Assign responsibilities, define remedial action, and administer chargebacks faster and more fairly.

Empower teams to improve and maintain operational excellence

The ongoing fiber rollout is bringing renewed challenges that require practical solutions for multiple stakeholders. Deepomatic puts industry-leading image recognition technology in the hands of your field technicians, provides advanced analytics capabilities to business users, and adds intelligence to your existing operational systems and field service solutions.

Deepomatic helps you:

  • Supercharge your field service capabilities Deepomatic boosts your field service solutions and brings more data accuracy and visibility to your users’ operational and business support systems. Process and analyze the mass of visual data shared by your business partners. Deepomatic supports emerging regulatory standards for fiber-deployment information exchange and interoperability.
  • Drive your business performance Benefit from integrated dashboards, KPIs, alerts, and reports to give you greater visibility and control over your infrastructure and operations in real time. Your data analysts and business users can easily customize workflows and KPIs to better reflect the way you work. Seamlessly share data and integrate with your own and your business partners’ information systems.
  • Create competitive advantage with custom visual automation applications Deepomatic is also an end-to-end development platform for computer vision and visual automation, recognized by Forrester as being the best fit for developing custom physical-world CV solutions. Empower business users to create and deploy image and video recognition applications, as well as integrate recognition and analytics capabilities in existing applications.
  • Maximize AI performance in evolving conditions Take computer vision and deep learning out of the lab and into the field. Deepomatic offers a clear operational advantage applied to real-world situations and changing conditions. Our Lean AI approach, which uses No-code, Agile, Lean, and DevOps principles, maximizes applied image recognition performance while removing the obstacles to production.
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