From invoicing to quality control and security: video recognition is revolutionizing every aspect of your industry.


From maintenance to quality control, inspection in industrial environments is a meticulous and time-consuming activity that is particularly conducive to automation through video recognition.

By automatically detecting anomalies on spare parts or infrastructures, mobilize your employees’ expertise only on the most complex cases, and increase the inspection frequency or pace while reducing the error rate.


Video recognition will revolutionize the collection systems as we know them. This technology is able to accurately identify products and all the features that influence their prices in order to provide full automation of the invoicing process.

Whether in stores, self-service restaurants or even on the motorway, free cash registers mark the end of long waiting lines and the advent of a 100% fluid experience for customers.

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Transform your video surveillance camera networks into video recognition applications. In your HSE, Security, or operational departments, video surveillance cameras are an untapped source of value for:

  • Intervening in the event of a risk of intrusion, theft or attempted terrorist acts (weapons, abandoned luggage, etc.)
  • Preventing work accidents by detecting dangerous situations (none use of PPE, falling, etc.)
  • Collecting information on the exploitation of your activities (counting individuals, etc.)


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Video recognition is a great opportunity to better understand your customers and how they use your services or products.

By getting to know them better, you can adapt your offer to their needs. Attendance, demographics, customer journey, consumption time: optimize your resources and your offer thanks to an increased knowledge of your customers’ habits.

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Video recognition enables machines to be equipped with the ability to see and analyze their environment. This is essential for vehicles and robots to move and apprehend objects in order to be autonomous and no longer guided by a human intermediary.

Robotics and self-driving cars will change the game in many industries, and companies must prepare today for these impending revolutions.

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Video streams may contain personal data such as faces or license plates. New European regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), may restrict the processing of videos containing this type of data. In order to comply with the law, it is possible to anonymize personal data on video streams through image recognition.

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Can’t find the solution that meets your needs?

Deepomatic platform allows you to build custom video recognition systems. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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