Visual automation platform

Augmented worker

Empower your collaborators, digitize your field operations

Make your operations more reliable with vision applications that check 100% of your operations

Improve your employees’ experience with real time field support

Continuously train your workers by transferring your best expert knowledge to them

Gain visibility on your operations with automatic reporting of field data


Vision applications enable your employees to do more in less time. While vision applications automate visual tasks, workers can focus on added-value tasks and avoid attention errors.


Vision applications contribute to delivering more reliable and qualitative results. Whether through full or partial automation, they ensure that field operations are carried out properly, resulting in sustainable infrastructures and a better customer experience.

Automated inspection

Turn your best expert knowledge into a vision application that everyone can use. With a single picture taken with their phone, workers at all levels can instantly check whether a part or installation has a defect and whether it meets compliance standards.
Use automated inspection solutions for:

  • Quality control
  • Standards assessment
  • Damage claims
Field services Autocontrol

Empower your technicians in the field with an application that guides them step-by-step through their daily interventions. Technicians use vision application that control their work in real time and provide feedback on the quality or compliance of their interventions.
Use the auto control solution for:

  • Field service management
  • Quality control
Automated Alerts

It is hard to stay focused every minute of a shift and have eyes everywhere. Vision application assist your employees in detecting abnormal situations. Workers can monitor activities in real-time thanks to our alerting system, and take action if necessary. Aggregated reports are also generated so that analysts can get a better overview of what is happening in the field.
Use Automated Alerting solutions for:

  • Video surveillance
  • Waste Management
  • Laboratory animal analysis


Bouygues Telecom

Quality control automation of optical fiber installations


Observation and monitoring of laboratory animals through Computer Vision


Automatic detection of abnormal situations and behaviors in parking lots

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