Visual automation platform

Augmented customer

Empower your customers, digitize your field services

Develop new and innovative products or services that can understand their environment through visual cues

Transform your customer experience with self-service or smart guidance services

Streamline client-facing operations with information from photos and video streams in the field

Improve your service quality with reliable operations, automated by vision applications


Using vision application provides you with a competitive differentiation that will distinguish your product or service from other offerings on the market. At any point in your industry’s value chain where understanding images could make a difference, vision application will allow you to stand out with better products and services, win tenders and be more cost effective than your competitors.


While offering innovative services and products, vision applications can also help streamlining your operations. With self-service and field guidance, your customers are more autonomous, you gain visibility into your operations and reduce friction and errors from your daily operations. It enables better resource allocation to reduce operational costs.

Automated checkout solution

Vision application allows accurate identification of products and all the characteristics that influence their price in order to fully automate the invoicing process. Use it either to develop free cash registers and mark the end of long waiting lines, or to build automatic quotation applications based on image analysis.
Use the automated checkout solution for:

  • Self-checkout
  • Real-time quotes and invoicing
Self-diagnosis solution

Bring together the knowledge of your customers and your best experts. With a single picture taken with their smartphone, give your customers the means to get a reliable diagnosis in real time. They can receive instructions to guide them through installing or troubleshooting an installation or a product, without any expert intervention.

Use the self-diagnosis solution for:

  • Installation & troubleshooting guidance app
  • Claims automation
  • Automatic quotation
Smart toll solution

Vision application is the solution to solve the problem of traffic jams. By recognizing vehicle characteristics in real-time without any human intervention, it makes it possible to build free flow highways.
Use the smart tool solution for:

  • Toll charge automation



Smart Checkout: Smart cash registers in company restaurants

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