Visual automation platform


Engage with vision applications, measure business outcomes and take action.

With the Deepomatic platform, operational teams and executives get access to alerts, events, and insights generated by the vision applications. They gain a new level of visibility and understanding over their field operations, take immediate actions and ultimately make their organization work better.

Take action in real-time

When vision applications generate alerts or events that trigger the need for human expertise (e.g: escalation, exceptions), the Action Center makes it simple to hand over the next steps to a human operator.

Measure your business outcomes

The outputs of your vision applications are automatically turned into insights, and explorable through an integrated Business Intelligence dashboard.

Customize the platform

The action center and the insights dashboard are entirely customizable to your needs. Make them reflect the way your organization works, by defining your business workflows and KPIs.

A collaborative platform for all stakeholders

Operational teams use the action center to get monitor alerts and events generated by their vision applications, and take corrective actions in real time.

Operation managers and executive use the insights dashboard to get a deeper understand of their operations, measure the ROI of their vision applications, and ultimately optimize their organization.

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some real examples?

Read about concrete examples of visual applications.

Data Indexation and Anonymization

Bouygues Telecom

Quality control automation of optical fiber installations


Smart Checkout: Smart cash registers in company restaurants


Automatic detection of abnormal situations and behaviors in parking lots


Observation and monitoring of laboratory animals through Computer Vision

The SUEZ Group

Automatic detection of non-compliant waste


Automating the reconstruction of French TV channels listings

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