About Deepomatic

Who are we?

Deepomatic is an artificial intelligence startup whose ambition is to deploy image recognition on an industrial scale. We enable companies to automate their business-specific processes through computer vision. Our end to end solution leads to increased productivity, allowing both employees and companies to focus on their key expertise.

Through our products, we allow operational managers to create custom AI solutions and operate them at scale in as little as three months and without prior coding knowledge.

The founders



Co-founder & CPO

ENS graduate and Doctor in fundamental computing, Aloïs is in charge of our product strategy. In collaboration with our Solutions Architects and CSM, he manages the complete life cycle of our platform as well as the follow-up of our customers’ experience to ensure their satisfaction.
By combining his technical skills and knowledge with his interpersonal skills, he offers our customers quality products that are scalable and adapted to their needs.

Augustin MARTY

Augustin MARTY

Co-founder & CEO

A graduate engineer from Ponts ParisTech, Augustin promotes our vision and ambition as spokesperson and president of Deepomatic. Drawing on his experience at Vinci Construction, he brings his knowledge and expertise in the industrial field to our clients. He thus identifies the long-term value of AI projects and finds solutions to improve business productivity, enabling us to quickly build a relationship of trust with our customers.



Co-founder & CTO

ENS graduate and Doctor of Artificial Vision, Vincent is the architect who shapes the technology at the heart of Deepomatic. He ensures that the R&D department he heads is always at the forefront of visual analysis technologies. He also oversees the development of our platform and he assists developers in the creation of AI development tools, their deployment and exploitation in the real world.

Our Vision

Curious to know more?

At Deepomatic, we believe that AI has an enormous potential for industrial applications that could usher society into a new technological era. However, this potential is still largely untapped, and AI is struggling to move from prototype to industrialization. Our experience has convinced us that the AI sector must undergo a revolution similar to the one that has already enabled software development to transform the world since the early 2000s: the Lean revolution.

By helping our customers to deploy high value-added image recognition systems on a large scale, we have developed a methodology called “Lean AI” and built a software platform that enables us to develop the most powerful image recognition systems on the market and deploy them in the real world, all in record time.

We are convinced that Lean AI and visual task automation will help companies to radically transform their industry.

The key stages of our development

January 2017

Deepomatic releases computer vision software to automate business processes thanks to AIs that can be deployed in less than 3 months and on an industrial scale.

February 2019

Deepomatic raises $6.2M in Series A ($5.1M equity +$1.1M debt). The fundraising is led by Hi Inov Dentressangle and supported by our investor and historical partner Alven, as well as the business angel Bertrand Diard, co-founder of Talend. The company opens an office in New York.

March 2019

Compass, the leading company in the catering industry, announces the launch of its “Smart Checkout” – an automatic payment solution developed by Deepomatic.

April 2019

Deepomatic accelerates its development with the official launch of its image recognition solutions for large companies: Deepomatic Studio and Deepomatic Run. Announcement of around fifty sites deployed with Compass and of our collaboration with new customers: Indigo, Suez, Bouygues, Emovis, RATP.

September 2019

Deepomatic has 20 key account customers; the company employs 30 people, 50% of whom are women, and 2 are in New York.

The rest is yet to be written!

They already believe in us

Deepomatic New York

135 East 57th street New York,NY 10022

Deepomatic New York

135 East 57th street New York, NY 1002

Deepomatic Paris

53 rue de Turbigo 75003 PARIS

Deepomatic Paris

53 rue de Turbigo 75003 PARIS