Visual Automation for Utilities

  • Efficiently control costs
  • Discover opportunities
  • Enhance customer experience

Empower your field technicians, and customer service agents

Across the industry, there is a shift to technology-driven automation, with utilities already relying on AI to analyze the data generated by the smart utility ecosystem, as well as enhance customer service operations.
Deepomatic helps you
Ensure full traceability of work on your infrastructure
Enable lifecycle observability of your physical assets. Benefit from a comprehensive and analyzable visual-based record with quality and integrity metrics.
Enforce SLAs
Accurately monitor the work of your contractors to pay them fairly. Identify defects to improve administration of chargebacks, contractual bonuses, and penalties.
Deepomatic helps you
Provide instant operational feedback
Make data collection effortless and guide technicians to successful task completion every time, on time.
Identify areas for process improvement and cost reduction
Optimize maintenance thanks to predictive analytics, and avoid any downtime or disruptions to payment of wholesale or transport fees.
Reduce the cost of quality and compliance
Give your inspection teams superpowers.
Build quality and productivity into your processes
Empower technicians with instant intuitive visual feedback.
Deepomatic helps you
Demonstrate your ability to deliver
Prove and improve your processes, demonstrate compliance to defend your margins, avoid penalties, and win new contracts.
Improve First Time Right (FTR)
Reduce costly need for rework or unplanned truck rolls, avoid unplanned maintenance with interruptions to service and loss of revenue, and identify areas for process improvement or any need for training.
Improve visibility of work performed
Gain supervision superpowers and reduce the need for in-person audits.
Ensure customer satisfaction
Win over more customers and accelerate overall take-up of subscriptions.
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