Transform field operations with visual automation that sees the world as you do

Platform Features

Empower, Monitor, and Improve

Enable anyone in your organization to turn specialist knowledge into custom visual automation apps.

Give your technicians and business partners the tools to improve compliance and First Time Right, enhance oversight, and streamline operational processes.

Create custom visual automation apps

From design to large-scale production. No code required. Easy to integrate with your existing field service apps.

Measure business outcomes and take action

Understand your operations better. Assess work. Guide teams to successful task completion.

Continuously improve your visual automation apps

Conditions in the field are constantly evolving. Ensure your apps are always performing optimally.

Best For


Design and improve your visual automation capabilities in production with our intuitive interface to turn your business knowledge into transformative automations.
Build visual automation apps for your physical-world business processes

Train your visual automation apps to recognize your working environment. Integrate your own rules and business logic to automate your business processes.

A fast track from training to high-performance

Provide the platform with sample data and apply state-of-the-art deep learning technologies. Build visual automation apps that understand the physical world like a human expert. With our no-code interface, getting that done has never been easier.

One-click to deploy

Deploy your application to production and optimize it over time to fit your operational needs.

Evolve with changing conditions over time

Continuously improve your apps with user feedback so they are always suited to their environment. Monitor their performance and manage them from a unified interface.

Business Collaboration
Deepomatic enables business users to turn their business knowledge into practical visual automation apps. From design and training to improvement and upgrades – no code required.
Data scientists and computer vision specialists benefit from advanced features to push performance further. Software infrastructure and deployment is radically simplified.
Best For

Field Operations

Visibility and insight enables faster and more efficient action. Empower your operational teams and managers with access to alerts, events, and insights.
Take action in real time

Alerts and events that need human expertise (such as escalations and exceptions) are shown in the Review Board, where your technicians can view what needs to be done at a glance.

Measure your business outcomes

Outputs of your visual automation apps are automatically turned into insights, which you can explore through an integrated dashboard.

Customize to suit your needs

Customize the Review Board and Insights Dashboard to define your workflows and KPIs so they reflect the way your business works.

Field Collaboration

Operational teams use the Review Board to receive alerts and monitor events generated by their visual automation apps, and can take corrective action in real time.

Decision makers and stakeholders use the Insights Dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of their operations, measure the ROI of their visual automation apps and ultimately optimize their organization.

Best For

Information Technology

With advanced features, data scientists and computer vision specialists can push performance further. Software resource management and deployment are also radically simplified.
Run your Applications

Connect your visual automation apps with reality and get images back from the field.

  • Visual automation apps can run either on Deepomatic’s cloud, your own private cloud, or directly on fixed or mobile devices.
  • Apps are optimized for speed and accuracy, and integrate the fastest Deep Learning - Runtimes such as TensorRT and OpenVino.
  • Easily manage and update your applications in production from a central dashboard.

Enrich your Data

Thanks to human and machine collaboration, you can add data that enriches and improves your datasets.

Re-Train & Re-Deploy

With a single click, you can retrain and deploy your improved system to production.

Best For Business
Best for Field Operations
Best for IT
Unlock the business value of Deep Learning with Lean AI


Deep learning is revolutionizing the field of computer vision, but you need it to deliver dependable results in complex, changing environments like those found in field operations. You must adapt your applications fast and effectively. Previously this wasn’t possible due to a disconnect between development and deployment.

Deepomatic offers a new deep learning framework inspired by recent trends in Agile, Lean, and DevOps.

We call this Lean AI.