Automatisierung der Qualitätskontrolle für PIA-Konformität: Ein neues Paradigma für Altnets

Techniker verlegen Glasfaserkabel in einer zuvor ausgehobenen Straße in Belgien

Gaining access to Openreach’s fibre infrastructure is key to speeding up the roll-out of the network in the United Kingdom. Not to mention reducing the cost of deployment. This model, known as the Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA), requires AltNet builders to comply with standardised fibre works documentation and conformity standards for jobs carried out on the field.

In this webinar hosted by Deepomatic, you will discover how automating the verification of fibre works photos enables alternative network providers to reach their compliance objectives while driving their OPEX down.

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A ROI-driven approach

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Anouk Sajot
Anouk SajotSales Director UK, Deepomatic
Nicolas Salaün
Nicolas SalaünSales Solution Engineer, Deepomatic



Qualität automatisieren. Wachstum beschleunigen.