Webinar: How Visual Automation helps to build and maintain a world-class full fibre network?

byEléonore Tezenas
Two unrecognizable IT engineers inspecting a server's network connections while using a digital tablet.

Fibre optic roll-out is ramping up quickly in Europe and throughout the world. We are no longer lacking investments or political ambitions to achieve a wide coverage. But one of the challenges is the quality of the networks that are being built, and how to maintain them efficiently to make sure subscribers benefit from the full value of fibre optic.

In this webinar, Augustin Marty, CEO of Deepomatic, the leader in Visual Automation, and David Tomalin, CTO of CityFibre Group, the UK’s largest independent Full Fibre infrastructure platform, give an overview of fibre roll-out is France and the UK, and describe how visual automation can be used to build the fibre network and connect customers. The webinar also gives a glimpse of CityFibre’s data-led service excellence model and how the infrastructure operator is leveraging the data coming from the field to optimize its operations while guaranteeing that its engineers and service partners deliver a high-quality service.

No time to watch the full recording? Here are 3 take-aways of the speakers’ statements:

  • Data-led operations are essential to build and maintain a quality fibre network: with accurate and real-time visibility over their operations and assets, operators and service partners will maximize the value they get from fibre optic.
  • Visual automation is the solution that can help these operators accelerate the deployment of fibre from end to end without compromising the quality of services required to offer great customer experience.
  • Visual automation sets trust between all players of the ecosystem by bringing transparency into fibre operations.

To know everything about our collaboration with CityFibre, read our Press Release here.


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