Fiber optic roll out

Getting it right all the way from network construction to handover and As-Built documentation.

Deepomatic assists you at every stage of your FTTx rollout, from the construction of your fiber network in civil engineering, to the installation and handover of the equipment, along with the As-Built documentation that references your work.

Hands of a fiber optic technician repairing an equipment with green and red cables for proper fiber networks

The main challenges holding you back


Deployment deadlines

50% of companies deploying infrastructure consider tight deadlines as a top challenge.

→ Site acceptance delays due to late anomaly detection

→ Expiration of wayleave agreement & construction permit

→ Penalties


Revenue security

→ Loss of revenues due to service interruption

→ Financial impacts of poor end-customer experience: compensation or churn

→ Loss of contracts with municipalities


Construction documentation

40% of companies consider the field data in their system as inaccurate.

→ Lack of accurate & centralized As-built / handover documentation

→ Transparency duty toward municipalities and states who grant subsidies for fiber roll-out

Infrastructure operators, get it right !

Accelerated time-to-revenue

  • Faster network roll-out
  • Reduced quality control feedback loop
  • More homes passed and connected

Controlled OPEX

  • Reduced resources dedicated to quality control
  • Reduced customer service calls
  • Reduced network acceptance process costs
  • Reduced penalties due to delays

Up-to-date IS

  • Complete and exploitable As-Built documentation

Network efficiency

Contractors, get it right !

Field workers efficiency

  • Increase your First-Time-Right rate
  • Staff with limited experience can perform mission-critical work with confidence

Controlled OPEX

  • Reduced repeat visits
  • Reduced resources dedicated to quality control
  • Reduced penalties due to poor quality of service or degraded equipment



Automate Quality. Accelerate Growth.