Fiber optic installation

Guarantee the quality and conformity of FTTH/B connections.

The quality of installation operations has a major impact on the subscriber's experience of the fiber optic network. A faulty connection leads to dissatisfaction, which can result in a loss of subscribers and revenue.

A field technician connecting fiber optic cables (white cable) to a white wall with a green socket

The main challenges holding you back


Hasty connections

Field teams are under pressure to connect subscribers quickly, so they try to move fast, to the detriment of quality. Up to 30% of fiber network installations fail.


Undetected defects

On average, only 15% of connections are inspected, as the checks are carried out manually and are therefore inapplicable to all operations.


Loss of revenue

Because of the cost of rework and possible penalties, but also because of the loss of subscribers who have had a bad experience after connection.

Success story

Telefonica field optic technician plugging an ethernet cable to a modem
Telefonica Logo in white

Movistar (Telefonica)

Movistar & Deepomatic: Ensuring Top-Quality Fiber Optic Installation Services

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Operators, get it right !

Faster service activation

  • Increase First Time Right success rate
  • Accelerated time to revenue
  • Reduced quality control feedback loop

Quality control savings

End-customer quality of experience

  • Reduced customer service calls
  • Reduced end-customer churn rate

Contractors, get it right !

Higher efficiency

Reduce OPEX


Automate Quality. Accelerate Growth.