The roadmap of our video recognition platform is public

byThibaut Duguet

The product roadmap of our video recognition platform is public. Check what’s coming in the product and give us your feedback through our three features: Launched, Planned and Considered.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in general and computer vision in particular are booming at the moment. At Deepomatic, our raison d’être is to make those new technologies a reality by empowering teams all over the world with the proper set of tools. We’re aiming for nothing less than THE platform to develop, deploy and manage all video recognition applications. The challenge is huge but super exciting!

With such an ambitious program, there is a high risk of missing the target in our product development roadmap as many things lie ahead of us. Therefore, we must make choices and we regularly finish our roadmap meetings disappointed by the cool features or even products we won’t build soon because we need to focus on what our clients really need.

Today, we’ve decided to make our video recognition product roadmap public! This way you will be able to know what’s coming in the product and, more importantly, you will have the opportunity to give us feedback. You will find the latest roadmap here. We make sure that it always stays up-to-date.

In the roadmap you will see three tabs:

  1. Launched
    All features that already made it into the product. If you have any questions about any of them, please contact your account manager or our support team at
  2. Planned
    Coming-soon features. Probably we have already started working on them, but feel free to give us any insight you might have on the best way to tackle the corresponding challenge.
  3. Considered
    A mix of backlog features we want to implement. Some of them will soon make it into the Planned tab. Others will need more polishing to ensure they provide value to our users. Finally, some are waiting for technical feasibility evaluation. If we think it’s a good idea, that’s the place they will be and this is definitely where we go picking to build our product roadmap at our meetings.

Last but not least, in the top right corner you will find a button to Submit an Idea. This really is where you get a chance to influence our product roadmap. Even if it’s just to confirm what’s already been planned, it’s always a great insight. Usually, our product team will come back to you with some additional questions to make sure we understand what you’re telling us and then we’ll incorporate your feedback into the product. We might even give you early access before it’s released to all our users!

Our objective is twofold: to give you a vision on what we’re developing and establish meaningful communication at the same time.

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You can also watch our product video here:


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