Fiber optic deployment: Deepomatic puts its Artificial Intelligence platform at the service of three major telecom players for their field operations

bySofiane Hamiti
CP telecoms

Paris, September 20

Deepomatic continues its conquest of the Augmented Worker market and expands its activity in Europe with a new partnership. Swisscom, the incumbent Swiss operator, now relies on the image recognition platform to digitize and optimize controls on all of its fiber optic infrastructures. For their part, Bouygues Telecom and Sogetrel, convinced by their previous collaborations, have extended their partnership with Deepomatic.

The need for very high speed broadband continues to grow, whether in education, teleworking or industry. To accompany this trend, European states are massively deploying very high-speed Internet networks. In France, as in many neighboring countries, optical fiber has become the priority for telecom operators.

Thousands of technicians are therefore working in the field to connect customers to fiber. Their daily tasks involve both connection operations and monitoring the quality of the network connection. They must deliver quickly and on a large scale. To do this, the industry uses thousands of subcontractors. But sometimes, routine or lack of experience can lead to errors that make the intervention non-compliant and compel the technicians to repeat it.

Deepomatic software allows companies to create custom image recognition applications. Thanks to this solution, technicians from Swisscom, Bouygues Telecom and Sogetrel use their smartphones to self-check their interventions in real time. The photos taken by the technicians are analyzed by the AI, which sends them information on the conformity of the intervention until its successful completion. This approach makes it possible to control 100% of the interventions and ensure that they are optimal.

This expertise has attracted and retained the loyalty of three industry experts:

Swisscom : As part of a multi-year contract, Deepomatic will equip and support the operator’s 1,200 technicians with an intelligent digital solution that will help them to carry out real-time self-monitoring of fiber optic connections (FTTH).

Bouygues Telecom : Deepomatic has implemented a solution for Bouygues Telecom that analyzes in real time the quality of installation of FTTH lines at its customers’ sites. The neural networks trained on the Deepomatic platform are able to detect, through photos taken by technicians, the conformity or not of the installation and the good respect of the processes.

Sogetrel : Sogetrel, integrator of networks and communication systems, called upon Deepomatic in 2019 to equip its technicians with a visual recognition solution for the control of FFTS installations (deployment of fiber between the street and buildings). The teams and their supervisors have been delighted with Deepomatic’s solution, and for several months now, Deepomatic has been assisting technicians in controlling connections at subscribers’ homes.


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