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Aiming for exemplarity to inspire our community

Our key step to go hand in hand with today’s challenges

  • We have meticulously assessed our carbon footprint and have now fully offset our past emissions. In essence, we have already accomplished what a lot of tech giants have pledged to achieve by 2030.
  • We have drastically changed our ways of doing things whilst setting concrete and constraining reduction objectives.
  • We provide our customers with a monthly report of the carbon emissions induced by their usage of our platform.
  • We are happy to share with as many people as possible the carbon footprint calculation methods we have developed in the hope that it will create momentum

We know that exemplarity is a never-ending pursuit, yet we strongly believe that we are on the right track.

The compass that guides our actions


We believe that each manufacturer or service supplier should make it easy for their customers to calculate their emissions upon delivery; hence why we publically share our monthly carbon footprint. Plus, every month we inform our clients of the environmental impact caused by their usage of our platform.


In order to act sensibly in a given area of expertise, it is essential to have an exhaustive knowledge of that given area. When it comes to fighting climate change, the ultimate prerequisite to act adequately is to calculate one’s carbon emissions. Yet, for many emerging industries, this task can be more difficult than for others. For example, the technology sector might struggle to accurately evaluate their carbon footprint. Therefore we are eager to create and share methods to make this task easier on a global scale. We strongly believe that this exertion should, if not shall, become quite literally everyone’s business.


Companies are increasingly tackling the question of climate change and yet, they often bypass compromising aspects of their activity. At Deepomatic, we know that companies should showcast their environmental successes while acknowledging their uncertainties. For instance, we’d rather approach carbon offset as one option among many which contribute to a strong and determined emission reduction policy, rather than seeing it as the sole viable option.

Our environmental commitments

A detailed action plan

Reduce our company’s internal carbon footprint and contribute to climate debt

Take into account tech products’ carbon footprint

Sensibly manage IT equipment

Reduce our company’s internal carbon footprint and contribute to climate debt

  • Annual assessment of our footprint and publishing the results
  • Develop less energy consuming AIs
  • Introduce environment-friendly suppliers
  • Take part in carbon offsetting projects

Take into account tech products’ carbon footprint

  • Provide our users with a monthly estimate of their carbon impact 
  • Offer templates that contain every factor to be taken into account when evaluating how our projects have an impact on their own environmental objectives
  • Make available an array of methods to help tech companies evaluate the carbon footprint of their activity

Sensibly manage IT equipment

  • Extend hardware’s shelflife
  • Sell as second-hand equipment the hardware we can no longer use because it became obsolete
  • Recycle defective equipment

Putting changes into action

Our carbon accounting and our carbon reduction objectives

Because we want to be as transparent as can be, our carbon accountancy is published every year. We strive to use the widest perimeter possible by taking into account the entirety of our scopes. Our results entail both an analysis of where our emissions stem from as well as the annual objectives we have set up for the forthcoming year.

Our climate debt policies

Even if reducing our emissions remains our top priority and that compensation mechanisms have their own limits, we still believe that it is essential to get involved in reducing climate change debt. We have thus funded different contribution projects that balance out all our past emissions. All these projects aim at avoiding and capturing carbon emissions in France and abroad.

Our pragmatic approach to better measure a tech product’s carbon footprint

In today’s world, it can be difficult for a tech company to provide an accurate estimation of their carbon footprint taking into account all their activities, especially due to the increasingly widespread use of intermediates such as the Cloud. That’s why Deepomatic has developed a calculation method that will ensure reliable estimates by simply using an invoice.

Our equipment’s environmental impact report

In order for Deepomatic to manage its hardware as responsibly as possible, we have partnered with the charity WDA which makes it their job to give a second life to IT equipment through refurbishing and recycling. All this can be found in our annual hardware management report that we publish a yearly basis. AI and digital industries have long been thought as being dematerialized. However, it is worth keeping in mind that it is inside the physical parts of our technology that is hidden the vast majority of this sector’s emissions.

Our platform is available to any project that offers viable solutions for the climate crisis. Do you think you have an environmentally impactful project? You think our platform could be of help to your development? Get in touch.


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