A complete solution to build and run your AI

Data scientists and business executives use Deepomatic Studio® to design custom video recognition systems and Deepomatic Run® to operate image recognition applications in production.

Edge deployment

Deploy and monitor AI-ready edge devices at scale to comply with hardware and security hardware constraints.

End-to-end platform

Manage the whole lifecycle of your video recognition system from a single and easy to use web platform.

Continuous improvement

Regularly update your models so that they keep learning and adapting to changes in your production environment.

Deepomatic Studio®


Design and train custom video recognition applications using a lean AI methodology.


Visualize and build proprietary datasets to create competitive advantage for your company.

Deepomatic Run®


Launch your AI in production, where the action takes place (embedded, on premises, cloud)


Put your AIs to work, integrate them into your workflows and start impacting your business

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