Get the world leading Vision application platform,

get the best out of your field operations.

Start transforming your physical world operations by augmenting people thanks to unprecedented guidance capabilities

The Deepomatic Vision Application platform enables anyone in your organization to turn expert knowledge into custom computer vision solutions that are tailored to your specific field operations. By delivering guidance, directly on the field, to your workers and customers, Deepomatic is the shortest path toward customer experience excellence and market differentiation.

The best fit for developing a custom physical-world Computer Vision solution.
The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019
Empower your customers and workers alike with vision applications that see the world as we do

Vision applications that :

DRIVE your vision applications from the first images to production, without code.

With the Deepomatic intuitive no-code platform, enable anyone in your organization to design, train and improve vision applications.

Your business logic

Assemble state-of-the-art computer vision systems that reflect your business rules, trained on images and videos coming from the field.

One-click deployment

Deploy your application in production and start improving it to fit your operational needs.

ENGAGE with vision applications, measure business outcomes and take action.

Leverage your visual applications to generate more value for your organization. Understand your operations better, and let people turn insights into actions.

Take action

When visual applications generate alerts or events that trigger the need for human expertise (e.g: escalation, exceptions), the Monitoring Dashboard makes it simple to hand over the next steps to a human operator.


The outputs of the visual applications are automatically turned into insights, and explorable through an integrated Business Intelligence dashboard.

A platform
built on LEAN AI

Continuous improvement for your vision applications

In an ever-changing world, the conditions of operations are both difficult to anticipate and constantly evolving. Thanks to the built-in continuous improvement loop, your vision applications are always up-to-date.

Run your Applications

Confront your vision applications to reality and get images back from the field to the web platform.

Enrich your Data

Enrich and improve your data sets by adding the data that matters thanks to human / machine collaboration.

Re-Train & Re-Deploy

Re-train and deploy your improved system in production with a single click.

“Deepomatic is the best fit for developing a custom physical-world CV solution.”
The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 201

Ready for some
concrete examples?

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