Vision Applications

Use the power of computer vision to augment customers and employees

Vision applications that see the world as we do

Deepomatic vision applications leverage computer vision capabilities to decipher the world like humans do, and help people to achieve their daily tasks better and faster. They learn on images and videos coming from the field and integrate the business rules specific to your own organization. Once connected to your cameras or mobile phones, they deliver field guidance, auto-control and real-time alerting capabilities. They also produce data that help optimize your entire organization.

Applications that learn from the field and are tailored to your processes

  • Vision applications learn from sample images and videos from the field, and integrate your business rules to automate the specific processes of your organization.
  • When used by your employees and customers, vision applications are continuously improved to keep pace with the conditions in which they operate.

Run them wherever you need, manage them easily

  • Vision applications can run either on Deepomatic Cloud, your private cloud or locally (on premises or on embedded devices).
  • They are optimized for speed and accuracy, and integrate the fastest Deep Learning Runtimes such as TensorRT or OpenVino.
  • Easily manage and update your deployed applications from a centralized IoT deployment dashboard.

Connect them to the technologies you already use

  • Process any video stream or image format, in real time.
  • Vision applications can be consumed as APIs and connected to the third-party applications you already use.
  • Route the outputs of your application to your data lake or your Business Intelligence solution.

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Bouygues Telecom

Quality control automation of optical fiber installations


Smart Checkout: Smart cash registers in company restaurants


Automatic detection of abnormal situations and behaviors in parking lots


Classification and Anonymisation of driving videos


Observation and monitoring of laboratory animals through Computer Vision


System for automatic blurring of video streams from video surveillance cameras


Automatically adapting temperature to each passenger’s needs

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