Drive your vision applications from the first images to large scale production, without code.

With the Deepomatic platform, business users design, train & improve advanced vision applications tailored to their business needs. The no-code and intuitive interface allows business organizations to benefit from computer vision without development skills, while data scientists make use of the most advanced features to push the performance of the vision applications ever higher.

Design vision applications tailored to your organization

Integrate your own set of rules and business logic in the vision applications. Teach them to recognize the environment in which you operate and to produce direct business outcomes.

Train high-performance vision applications in a few clicks

Feed the platform with examples and leverage state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to get vision applications that understand the physical world like an expert would. With our no-code interface, getting that done has never been easier.

Improve your vision applications over time

By getting feedback directly from field and through human / machine interactions, prepare the next version of your vision application, measure its performance improvement and deploy it from a single interface. This is what we call continuous improvement. Your applications are always up-to-date and adapted to their environment.

A collaborative platform for all stakeholders

Business users leverage the no-code interface to design and improve their vision applications in production. Thanks to the Deepomatic Platform they have the means to turn their business knowledge into transformative automations for their organization.

Data Scientists make the most of the Deepomatic Platform advanced features to push vision applications one step further in terms of performance. They access state-of-the-art image recognition and deployment capabilities without the need to rebuild an entire software infrastructure.

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Bouygues Telecom

Quality control automation of optical fiber installations


Smart Checkout: Smart cash registers in company restaurants


Automatic detection of abnormal situations and behaviors in parking lots


Classification and Anonymisation of driving videos


Observation and monitoring of laboratory animals through Computer Vision


System for automatic blurring of video streams from video surveillance cameras


Automatically adapting temperature to each passenger’s needs

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