Visual automation platform

Empower people with applications that see and understand the physical world as we do.

We envision a world where expert knowledge is poured into computer vision solutions. These solutions empower people, eliminating friction as they become more autonomous. Deepomatic’s visual automation platform makes that future a reality.

What problem do we solve?

Unlike the digital world, the physical world is unpredictable, ever-changing and often messy. In everyday life, this chaos causes traffic jams, queues at checkouts, delays and mistakes in delivered orders, quality problems in products…all kinds of things that take too long, cost too much and frustrate people. Why? There’s still too much “friction” in operations and “blind spots” in decision making. Processes and operations can’t accommodate the visual dimension of the physical world in all its complexity and variety. This leads to errors, inconsistencies, delays and missed opportunities.

How do we solve it?

Empower people with vision-based solutions and automate business processes.
Deepomatic provides a no-code visual automation platform, with purpose-built solutions that learn to recognize and adapt to operations in the physical world. This additional dimension of “visual automation” streamlines field operations by increasing automation where relevant:

  • Augmenting workers with richer information to guide workflows, giving them greater autonomy in problem-solving and decision-making;
  • Augmenting customers to improve their experience of automated, guided and self-service transactions.

The next industrial revolution

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Augmented workers

Making Vision-based solutions accessible in the field to those who need them most in their daily tasks, that’s the real revolution.
Augustin Marty, co-founder and CEO of Deepomatic.

From visual data to business impacts

Visual automation is the fastest way to digitize the operations of the physical world. Every organization can digitally monitor and record 100% of decisions made in the field while executing them. It represents a gold mine for a new era of data-driven decision making by extending automation to all processes that take place in core operations


The new software solution

“Since organizations started integrating deep learning into their activities, the academic approach of developing AI has prevailed. Yet our experience has repeatedly shown that going from a linear development model to an iterative and agile one has the capacity to unlock high-impact applications.”

Aloïs Brunel,co-founder and CPO at Deepomatic
True Digital Innovation


Deepomatic develops solutions that generate benefits for its customers, but we also produce solutions that generate environmental and social benefits


The next frontier of digital transformation: Visual Automation

“The physical world has traditionally been left out of the Digital Transformation and the Automation revolutions. Today, by letting apps that see the world as humans do collaborate with your workers and customers, Visual Automation is bringing the power of digitalization to the field. At Deepomatic, we are empowering business users to bring the Visual Automation revolution to their own organizations.”
Alois Brunel, co-founder and CPO

AI at the edge: the future of IoT

“As computing resources in edge devices increase, it becomes possible to deploy AI directly on these devices without compromising the accuracy of the solution. Industries that will stand out are those who are able to extract the right insights at the right time and in the right place. This is only possible by leveraging edge deployments to mitigate operational constraints such as latency, bandwidth cost, link stability and data privacy”
Vincent Delaitre, co-founder and CTO



Co-founder & CPO

ENS graduate and Doctor in fundamental computing, Aloïs is in charge of our product strategy. In collaboration with our Solutions Architects and CSM, he manages the complete life cycle of our platform as well as the follow-up of our customers’ experience to ensure their satisfaction. By combining his technical skills and knowledge with his interpersonal skills, he offers our customers quality products that are scalable and adapted to their needs.

Augustin MARTY

Co-founder & CEO

A graduate engineer from Ponts ParisTech, Augustin promotes our vision and ambition as spokesperson and president of Deepomatic. Drawing on his experience at Vinci Construction, he brings his knowledge and expertise in the industrial field to our clients. He thus identifies the long-term value of AI projects and finds solutions to improve business productivity, enabling us to quickly build a relationship of trust with our customers.


Co-founder & CTO

ENS graduate and Doctor of Artificial Vision, Vincent is the architect who shapes the technology at the heart of Deepomatic. He ensures that the R&D department he heads is always at the forefront of visual analysis technologies. He also oversees the development of our platform and he assists developers in the creation of AI development tools, their deployment and exploitation in the real world.


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