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Local AI applications with Deepomatic Run®

We are thrilled to announce the release of Deepomatic Run®, which allows you to deploy local AI applications.

Deepomatic Run® adds the ability to run neural networks locally as well as in the cloud. You can still use and integrate our web APIs into your applications and experiment on your data in the cloud. In addition, you can now rely on Deepomatic Run® to industrialize large-scale video recognition projects on your infrastructure. This is a crucial step forward!

How does it work?

We’ve been working on local server deployment for some time now, but we needed to package it into a complete product to make it easy for you to deploy and update your neural networks locally.

Set up

The deployment of Deepomatic Run® requires Standard Linux distribution with dedicated NVIDIA GPUs. We are adding more and more deployment options as we speak, so let us know if you need another configuration for your deployment.

Your application is composed of several orchestrated docker containers. Once set up, you can easily configure and connect your server to a camera stream and analyze either images or videos.

Use in production

You are now familiar with Deepomatic Studio®, our main product. We designed Deepomatic Run® to go hand in hand with Deepomatic Studio®. Each local Deepomatic Run® deployment is registered in Deepomatic Studio®. Thus, you can select which apps you want to run and where.

Your apps have both an online and offline mode to best fit your environment. If applicable, you will be able to set up a feedback loop from your local server. More specifically, you can automatically filter all images going through your apps and send them to Deepomatic Studio® to increase the size of your datasets with production data. You can then train new versions and deploy them seamlessly on your servers. This way your algorithms get better and better and always stay relevant and up-to-date.

Thus, both products are complementary. Their conjoint use allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your video recognition applications, from managing data and training deep learning neural networks to deploy them at industrial scale and analyzing local video streams.

We designed Deepomatic Run® to answer the operational constraints you will encounter when deploying deep learning models locally. We can’t wait to see what you will achieve with it! 

Discover more about the product here:

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